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Normally, the computer will not boot. And you will have to reinstall Windows XP.

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Q: What will happen if NTLDR is missing when windows xp is booted?
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Ntldr is missing what do you do?


Where to find ntldr in windows 7?

NTLDR will default to \Windows on the first partition of the first hard drive.

Where is NTLDR located?

Ntldr located is C:\i386\ntldr C:\i386\ or C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386\ntldr posted by Josepharulselvan.R

What is Windows XP loader?


What is the name of windows boot loader?


What are the names of files that bootstraps Windows XP?


Which Windows Vista file is referred to as kernel?


Your PC Crashed and it says Ntldr is corrupted or missing what should I do?

One of you windows operating system important files has been corrrupted,deleted or unreadable.That will be the main cause that your NTLDR cant load. I found it similar to this one. It is worth pointing out that the ntldr file is usually missing due to virus attack. You hould run an antivirus scan as soon as possible after you have repaired on the disk.

Is NTLDR is not a windows 2000 key boot file?

NTLDR is indeed a key boot file in Windows 2000 and all of the Windows operating systems since Windows NT. A machine will not boot without that file.

What will result from the message NTLDR is missing?

The initial self-test will fail to load.

How to copy the ntldr when ntldr is missing?

Boot from Windows XP CDSelect into boot menu "Restore Console" or smth like that copy X:\i386\ntdlr C:\copy X:\i386\ C:\Type this commands (X - is a letter of your CD/DVD drive; C - is disk where Windows XP installed):Reboot.Done.

Which file controls the boot phase of the windows 2000 professitional?


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