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What will happen if earth starts rotating clock wise?


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March 29, 2009 5:12AM

It comes down to the Coriolis force, which can be seen acting when water goes down the plug-hole [ watch it next time - it rotates in a different direction depending which hemisphere you are in.]

In the southern hemisphere:

- A Low = Cyclone = Clockwise rotation.

- A High = Anti-cyclone = Anti-clockwise rotation.

To answer your question,

weather patterns would become turbulent as rotation reversed: that is, highs become lows, and lows became highs, and you could expect extreme seasonal swings as in the tropics, such as wet and monsoonal, or dry and drought.

This would cause great losses in crops and animal deaths, with 'reflation' ( recession + inflation) causing many countries to collapse and resulting in many dying from starvation etc.

Governments would be unable to cope and thus would fall, and there would be widespread anarchy, and probably dictatorships. The countries that would survive the best would be primitive, poor, and authoritarian: rich and civilized democracies would suffer the most.



Man, you're just engaging in wild speculation about the fate of society and the eco-system. Long before the earth has a chance to get spun the opposite way, in about 3 billion years it will stop turning completely. Days will become a month long as the earth syncs up with the moon and a month will be about 35 days. If there are any people left some will live their whole lives and never see the moon...unless they take a trip to the other side of the planet. - Skysurfer