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Q: What will happen if the little piece of tissue is cut under the top lip?
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What is the function of the thing under your tongue?

This called the frenulum and means "little bridle". It is a piece of tissue which helps to hold an organ in place. There are many through out the body.

What is the medical term for piece of tissue removed?

flargenerman biopsy - live tissue sample. microtomy or histotomy - the making of thin tissue samples for viewing under a microscope.

What will happen if you put a piece of rubber under a heat lamp?


Where did the story happen of The Little Mermaid?

it happened under the sea

What is a lung biopsy?

Lung biopsy is a medical procedure performed to obtain a small piece of lung tissue for examination under a microscope

What lolooloolo did you say?

I said, "Hey, where did you put that little plastic piece that goes under the bedroom door?".

What happens if you put a white piece of paper under a green light?

If you put a piece of white paper under a green light all that will happen is the paper will turn green. The only time this will vary is if you have special ink that will show up under certain colored light.

Where are the epithelial tissue are located?

the epithelial tissue are located under the skin

What type of tissue is exocrine glands classified under?

epithelial tissue

What is the insulating material called under skin?

Adipose tissue is the fat layer under the skin and then muscular tissue.

What is the tissue under the skin called?

stratified simple squamous epithelial tissue.

Why is there connective tissue directly under the top tissue of your skin?

Connective tissue is in the Dermis which is the secons layer of skin.

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