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What will happen if you catch all the Pokemon in fire red?

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You would get a depoma for getting all the Pokemon

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Does anything happen when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?


How do you get Mewtwo in Pokemon emerld?

First you got to catch him in Pokemon leafgreen or fire red and trade. Or you can use a gameshark. it lets you catch all the Pokemon from bulbasaur to deoxys.

What happens when you catch all of the unknown in Pokemon diamond?

I dont know what happen in diamond, but in platinum you can catch ! and ? unowns.

How do you catch Darkrai in Pokemon fire red?

get all three dogs then talk to oak

Where to find all Pokemon you can catch on fire red?

in the grass.... water.... caves.... trading

What happens when you catch all 386 Pokemon in fire red?

you have beaten the game and that's it.

What happens when you catch all unkown Pokemon on fire red?

the fun of having them i guess

What happens if you see every Pokemon?

nothing will happen. you have to catch all the Pokemon to get something. you will get one of the johto starter Pokemon. YOUR WELCOME

Where do you do after you beat the Pokemon league on Pokemon Pearl?

catch all the Pokemoncatch all the Pokemon

How do you catch all the unknown for Pokemon emerald?

You have to trade them from fire red AND leaf green cuz you can't catch them all on either one. You also can't catch them on emerald.

What is a diplome Pokemon FireRed?

A diploma is something professor oak gives you when u catch all the Pokemon in fire red

To fill National Pokedex in Pokemon Fire Red do you need to catch all Pokemon or only to see them at least once?

You only need to see them but you have to catch at least 60 Pokemon to get the national dex

What is unlocked when you catch all 150 Pokemon in Pokemon Red?

if your talkin fire red you get one of the older starters like tododile!

Does Malibu rum catch on fire?

It can. All alcohol can catch fire.

How do you catch all rare Pokemon on Pokemon silver?

you catch them.

How much Pokemon is there on pearl?

493 Pokemon all together, however to catch them all you will need to attend Pokemon events, and have Pokemon fire red/ leaf green, diamond, ruby/sapphire/emerald.

How do you get the national pokedex in Pokemon Fire Red?

All you have to do is beat the elite four and catch sixty different types of Pokemon and then talk to OAK.

Can you catch all of the regi's in Pokemon fire red?

No. Registeel, Regice, and Regirock must be traded from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald Versions.

Do you have to catch all Pokemon to get the nationaldex on Pokemon platinum?

You don't have to catch them all, you only have to see them all.

How you catch all the Pokemon on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot catch all Pokemon in Pokemon Leafgreen, you will need help from other versions.

What do you do after you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch 'em all

Do you have to see all the Pokemon in emerald or catch them all to fill your pokedex?

YES!!!!!!!! all you have to do is see all the Pokemon and catch the ones you can catch in the game!!!

Pokemon emerald do you have to catch all Pokemon to get cydniguil?

No to get Cyndaquil you must catch all Pokemon from that region, because if you have to catch every single Pokemon, won't you already have Cyndaquil?

How do you catch celibi in Pokemon fire red?

go to berry forest on three island cut all the grass.

What happens when you catch all 200 Pokemon in emerald?

You go to professor britch and he gives the fire red starters