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It becomes a singleton class.

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Q: What will happen if you declared constructor in private section?
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Can constructor be declared as constant in c plus plus?

No. Constructors initialise objects and, by definition, must be able to modify the member variables. Uninitialised members are a disaster waiting to happen even without a constructor declared const! Thankfully, the compiler won't permit a const constructor.

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What will happen when the class is declared as private in java?

Hi, you can not declare your class as private except that is inner class.

What happen when static data field is initialised in a non static constructor?

It got initialized as you instructed.

Can you override the constructor?

No. You cannot override the constructor. You can only overload them.You can argue that, during inheritance if you provide a child class constructor it should override the parent class constructor. Unfortunately, that doesnt happen. The parent class constructor will get called eventually and you cant block it.Such a situation is called Constructor ChainingConstructor ChainingWe know that constructors are invoked at runtime when you say new on some class type as follows:Lamborghini h = new Lamborghini();But what really happens when you say new Lamborghini() ? (Assume Lamborghini extends Car and Car extends Object.)1. Lamborghini constructor is invoked. Every constructor invokes the constructor of its superclass with an (implicit) call to super(),2. Car constructor is invoked (Car is the superclass of Lamborghini).3. Object constructor is invoked (Object is the ultimate superclass of all classes, so class Car extends Object even though you don't actually type "extends Object" into the Car class declaration. It's implicit.) At this point we're on the top of the hierarchy.4. Object instance variables are given their explicit values. By explicit values, we mean values that are assigned at the time the variables are declared, like "int x = 27", where "27" is the explicit value (as opposed to the default value) of the instance variable.5. Object constructor completes.6. Car instance variables are given their explicit values (if any).7. Car constructor completes.8. Lamborghini instance variables are given their explicit values (if any).9. Lamborghini constructor completes.

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