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It will explode

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What will happen if you put a lit candle under a glass jar of gas?

It will burn the gas out. Then go out.

What would happen if a lid from a jar with helium gas was removed?

The helium will float out and will be replaced by air if you open the lid of a jar.

What would happen to gas in a container if the lid of the jar was removed?

If the gas in the container is lighter than air, it will escape and be replaced by air. If its heavier, it will just just stay in the jar, unless of course, you tip the jar and "pour" it out.

What is the jar called that collects a gas?

A gas collecting jar.

What will happen to the particles of a gas if the gas is transferred from a small container into a much larger container?

The gases will expand to fill the entire jar.

What is a gas jar?

a gar with gas

What is the use of gas jar in chemistry?

The gas jar is used for collecting and analyzing gas samples.

Function of a gas jar?

A gas jar is used in experiments to collect gas. Gas jars look like tubes with a broad opening and broad base.

Bromine gas is put into 1 jar and then a gas jar of air is placed over it after a few minutes the bromine gas can be seen filling both gas jars why?

What has occured is a process called diffusion, which is the spreading of particles from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. The particles in any gas move quicly and in all directions and fill their container because there are no bonds between them. The jar with the bromine gas has a higher concentration of the gas particles, they move through the air particles to the jar with the lower concentration of bromine gas until they are dispersed evenly throughout the jar, hence the gas can be seen filling both jars. The same would happen with a clear gas but bromine is used for demonstration purposes as it has a colour and so the process can be seen clearly.

What would happen when a lighted splint is put into a gas jar of helium?

the lighted splint would stop burning as Helium does not burn.

How does a gas respond when put in a jar?

It expands to fill the jar and takes the shape of it.

Holds gas in science?

the jar that holds the gas and condomes

What piece of science equipment holds gas?

A gas jar!

What are the uses of a carbon dioxide gas jar?

Carbon dioxide gas jar is a jar used to grow culture media. It contains carbon dioxide taken from candle flames burn inside the jar. Bacteria and other microorganisms are grown in this jar for further observations.

Why ammonia gas is collected in an inverted gas jar?

Ammonia, being lighter than air, is collected by the downward displacement of air in an inverted gas jar.

Which jar would have more gas if each jar contained NH SO O N?

This depends on the volume and pressure of gas.

Why did jar jar binks vanish happen the 2nd episode?

First of all, your question is hard to understand. Second, Jar-Jar Binks appeared in Episode 3.

Can you trap fart in a jar?

You can capture gas in a jar, but it would likely not retain its smell for long.

A gas jar containing air is placed upside down on a gas jar of bromine vapour.It is observed that after some time the gas jar containin air also becomes reddish brown. Name the process involved?

This process is called DIFFUSION.

What is the function of gas jar?

A gas jar is used in experiments in science. It is a container used for collecting gas from different experiments. It has a broad base and broad opening that looks like a tube.

What holds gas 2 words each 3 letters?

gas jar

What happen when burning candle is brought near hydrogen gas?

For burning the oxygen is required but which is not present in the hydrogen gas jar therefore the candle blows OFF

Do you heat up gefilte fish from a jar?


What will happen when a lid of a jar of helium is removed?

The helium will float out and will be replaced by air if you open the lid of a jar.

A jar contains helium.What would happen if the lid of the jar was removed?

The helium, being lighter than air, would simply rise out of the jar.

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