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What will happen if you plant a cactus bud in dirt?

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The cactus fruit has the seeds, not the bud. Therefore, the bud will just dry up.

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Can you plant a bud of marijuana?

No, nothing will happen.

When was Bud Plant Inc. created?

Bud Plant Inc. was created in 1970.

What is the meaning of auxillary bud in a plant?

An auxillary bud is any bud behind the leading bud on a shoot.

Is it nip it in the bud or nip it in the butt?

It's a plant bud you're nipping - you nip or cut it off to stop the plant from growing in that area.

What is the function of a apical bud on a plant?

The apical bud of a plant is the primary growing point located at the tip of the stem.

How old do Marijuana plants have to be before they bud?

you should b able to bud the plant but use ur lights. Plants should bud faster with an old plant

What is a bud?

It is a small outgrowth of a plant.

How is marijuana developed?

the seeds of the cannabis plant are grown into the flowering plant once the plant reaches maturity and the phsychoactive chemicals in the plant become most concentrated in the flower or bud, the bud is cut off and the leaves trimmed away, then the bud is dried and ready for sale

When did Battle of Bud Bagsak happen?

Battle of Bud Bagsak happened in 1913.

What part of a plant was the bud?

The bud, it grows only in certain parts of the world/year.

What part of a plant does kiwi come from?

kiwi comes from the bud of the plant

When will buds grow on a Marijuana plant?

The plant will bud when daylight is around 12 or 13 hours. It is light that starts the budding process . You can bud a 3 week old plant.

Do you smoke the bud on the pot plant?

well when the buds are full with luscious THC crystals and the plant is done growing you clip the bud hang it up to dry once its dry smoke that bud in a bong

What would happen if there was no sepal in the flower?

What would happen is the plant would die , because no food or water and us humans would die , because we are not receiving any oxygen because the plants are dead

What purpose does a plant bud have to the plant?

It develops in to a new stem branch or a flower.

Which is the marijuana plant that gives bud?

The female Marijuana plant contains "bud". A female plant that has not been exposed to pollen (from males most commonly) will devote more of its energy to creating canniboids in the form of a sap-like nectar, which will yield a more potent bud.

How much bud can you get off one marijuana plant?

On average, probably about an ounce to 4-5 ounces. A plant can have anwhere from hardley no bud, to a pound or more!

Is an onion a flower or bud?

An onion is a bulb, part of the root of the plant. At some point in its growth the top of the plant would have a bud that becomes a flower and then seeds.

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