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It depends on whether it's considered "fraud". The bank can go after you wherever you are if it's determined to be fraud.

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Q: What will happen to you if you abscond a bank loan and fly back to your home country?
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What is the sentence of abscond?

An absconder absconded with some valuables from the bank.

What will happen if you have a personal loan from a bank and you were unable to pay it and you decide to go live in another country Are going to to be charge once you come back?

As long as you are out of country for longer that 6 years you will be okay

How would you use the word abscond in a sentence?

Abscond means - to leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution. Absconded = past tense form. Here are some example sentences: At the very first opportunity, Jeb decided he would abscond from this hellhole and wait it out in the woods until nightfall. She absconded due to the fear of her mother. The secretary of the fund raising committee absconded with the money. The cashier absconded with the money. The cashier wanted to abscond. The thieves intended to abscond with several of the museum's most valuable paintings but failed. We will oppose bail; the accused has previously attempted to abscond while on bail. The secretary of knitting club absconded with the money. He will abscond with the entire payroll as soon as the bank releases it to him. Many of the biologists working on the top secret studies were worried that someone would abscond with their research. Probably some scientist did, in fact, leave the lab, taking others' ideas with them.

What will happen if you cant pay a bank loan and run away your home country?

you will be paying for it...once you reach to your home country.

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Can you give your property back to the bank?

Visit the lender and find out how to make this happen. It may have tax ramifications, but there should be a process.

When did Bank Panic happen?

Bank Panic happened in 1000.

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What can you do if your bank is leaving Ireland?

You can change to another bank. Arrangements for this to happen may be put in place by the bank.

How do you use ensconded in a sentence?

No such word; you can be ensconced ("to settle secure or snugly") under the covers of your bed or you abscond ("leave hurriedly and secretly, typically to avoid detection or arrest") after robbing the bank, but you can't enscond anywhere.

What happen if have car loan with a bank an you no longer need that car because the monthly payment is high can you take you back an get less one an will you continue with the same bank?

No, you are obligated to pay the loan you agreed to. If you give back the car (a voluntary repo) it will seriously affect your credit.

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What requirement needs for back to back Lc?

•Customer must maintain a banking account with the bank. • •Customer also must have a Back-to-Back Credit facility given by the Bank. • •The export documentary credit must be issued by a reputable international bank with bank line available from the bank Head Office.

What is the difference between foreign banks and international banks?

A foreign bank is one from another country as opposed to a bank from your own country. An intenational bank is one that operates in many different countries. A foreign bank can also be an international bank. A bank from your country can also be an international bank if it operates in other countries too. In those countries it would be regarded as being a foreign bank.

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