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It will last longer before it goes hard because the room is less humid.

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Q: What will happen when a bag of cement is placed in airconditioned room?
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Does air come into the room from the outside?

Yes, unless you have a completely sealed off room that only gets airconditioned air.

If a cold object is placed in a warm room what would happen?

A: Heat from the room will move to the cold object. B: Condensation will happen

Why don't we perspire in an airconditioned room?

Because our body gets a High temperature. So the sweat glands will not come to out body

What would happen if a person is placed in a room with only carbon dioxide gas?


What will happen when a balloon filled with air is placed in the center of a room filled with helium gas?

it will go down

Can you use mosquito repellent liquidators or mats in an air conditioned room?

Mosquito coils can not be used in airconditioned rooms,but plugins have shown to produce no adverse or teratogenic effects in airconditioned rooms. A number of studies have proved this. However it can cause moderate to severe side effects in closed non-ventilated rooms.

What would happen to a cold empty glass if it was placed in a hot humid room?

if a cold empty glass would break if u place it in a hot humid room[if it is a "glass"]

What is the best storing system for cement?

air entraining room

Describe what would happen to a cold empty glass if it was suddenly placed in a hot humid room?

Water vapors are condensed on the cold surface.

A block of ice at 0 degree celsius is placed in a room whose temperature is also 0 degree celsiuspredict and explain what will happen?


Describe what would happen to a cold empty glass if it was suddenly placed in a hot and humid room explain?

The glass will heat up and there will be water vapor in it.

Why is it more effective for heaters to be placed at the bottom of the room and cooler or freezer to be placed at the top of the room?

because i am a disco dancer

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