What will happen when the sun explodes?

I THINK either everything will die or all the planets will be pushed into another solar system

This is just my predicition JUST OPINIONS


Actually, the entire solar system will be obliterated. What happens is, the sun will start to go into the red giant stage and will start expanding outward. It starts to engulf the solar system and so on and so forth. So then, it starts shrinking back to normal and becomes a cold white dwarf. By the time all that has happened, the solar system would have become a thing of the past. I'm assuming that it will happen in around a few billion years. It won't go supernova because it's not big enough.


The red giant phase of a star like ours (Class G2) would likely come very close to the orbit of Earth, but would not extend further. Earth would probably be demolished, and Mars scorched to a molten cinder. I would expect the gas giants to be considerably less giant when the sun shrinks back to begin fusing helium. Any way you look at it, though, it won't be a good place for any form of life we know of. Luckily, we likely have a couple billion years to find some way to be somewhere else when that time comes.