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Cardio exercise is a good way to burn off calories.

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Do you gain or burn calories when eating cabbage?

Both. Or better it depends on the amount. Even cabbage has energy. There are no things you can eat which help to "burn" calories. (incl. diet pills!). Furthermore it is always a bad idea to do a diet based on one single ingredient.

Im a 5'9 male and weigh 170lbs is burning 1100 calories a day bad for me should i slow down or burn more?

It depends on how many calories you are eating per day, your age, and wheather or not you are trying to lose weight. If your eating 2900-3000 calories you should be fine, if your eating around 1500 calories then that's too much to burn.

What does it mean to burn calories?

it is not bad to burn calories because if you do it is good but if you don't burn any than the leftover calories will turn into fat

Eating food immediately after gym is good or bad?

Good. 30min after you've worked out you burn twice as much calories.

How many calories do you burn if you exercise for half an hour with saran wrap around your stomach?

It depends what the exercise and intensity is. Running for 30 mins will burn about 250 calories. Walking will burn about 100 calories. Working out on an elliptical will burn about 300 calories. Yoga will burn about 200 calories. Saran wrap will do nothing to help. It might actually be a bad idea because the skin will not be able to breathe and sweat properly.

How many calories will you burn sleeping one hour?

When we sleep, we actually burn about 77 calories per hour. Not too bad for doing nothing!

Is it true that there are fats that help to burn fat?

yes and no. there are good and bad fats. non saturated fats are good. Most fats are bad. It's not about drinking whole milk (good fat) and it burns fat. But it is healthier for you to drink milk instead of eating or drinking another type of fat. To "burn" anything, you really just have to exercise. the fat and calories are the energy. when you use energy (sitting, walking, sleeping, running, exercising), you burn the fat.

If eating too much food is bad why do Olympic athletes eat huge amounts of food?

Because they burn an unusually high amounts of calories in training. If you did the same you could eat a lot too. Additional answer: It is bad to eat more calories than you burn. Olympic athletes do not eat more calories than they burn. An elderly sedentary person may only burn 1,000 calories a day. A football player may burn 5,000 calories a day. While the elderly person would become extremely fat on a diet of 3,000 calories a day, the football player would not be able to function. Too much food is a relative term depending on how active a person is. Are you in a nursing home? Do you have a desk job? Do you run marathons? When are you swimming the English channel?

Why are calories bad?

Calories aren't bad. They're what give you energy and keep you healthy. You need at least 1,200 calories each day just to function. However, eating too much can lead to weight gain, and eventually obesity. Calories should not be considered bad, though.

How many calories does a hot flash burn?

Well it depends on how bad your hot flashes are really

Can you die by eating what fat people eat?

Yes, if the fat people are eating bad foods. No if the fat people are eating healthy foods. Your question is unfair. Its not that fat (overweight) people eat dangerous food, its that they arent active enough to burn the calories they consume. You can become overweight eating apples. You can be underweight and eat cookies.

Why do you feel bad while you are on a diet?

You should not feel bad when you are on a diet. If you are feeling ill, you are probably not eating enough calories.

How do you burn fat on your calf leg?

go for a run stop eating bad foods

How do bugs help trees?

They can help by eating the bad part of the tree.

Is it bad to smoke if you plan to build muscles?

It's bad to smoke for a lot of reasons, but there is nothing that directly interferes with building muscles. Just make sure you're eating enough calories (more than you burn). There are plenty of other reasons to quit.

Is eating 400 calories too much?

A lot for one item. One meal......not bad at all.

Is lying down after eating bulges tummy?

No, not necessarily. But eating a big meal and then lying down could be bad for your health. It might give you heartburn or a stomach (tummy) ache; also, if you always lie down after eating, it could certainly contribute to becoming overweight eventually, because you really should try to burn off some calories after eating a big meal.

Is eating a lot of ketchup bad?

I would think yes because it has about 15 calories per serving (17g)

How do you help someone with eating disorder?

Consult them about it. Its very bad for their health.

Is it bad to eat to many apples?

No, if you are worried about calories, they are just natural, they are easier to burn then calories that you find in other things like candy One more thing to note is that if you ate too many apples in one sitting you might get sick, but apples are healthy, so eating a reasonable amount should be good for you.

Does vineger help sun burn?

yes it does help but it smells really bad dont worry it goes away

Can you eat 500 calories a day?

Yes. But eating only eating 500 calories several days in a row is equal to starvation. To eat this small amount of calories one day and eating normal the next day is similar to intermediate fasting. If this is healthy or not is not certain, there are studies in favor and against it.Note that the question was about calories and not Calories. 500 calories equals 0.5 Calories. But if the question referred to Calories and not calories it's still a bad idea to eat this way several days in a raw.Is not recommendable to eat 500 calories per day. For a good diet, you need to cut 500 calories form your basal metabolic rate.

Do push ups burn fat?

Push ups help to build muscle. Muscle increases your metabolism and uses some of the calories that would be stored as fat for fuel instead. Doing pushups is never a bad idea and will always help you become more fit.

How many calories can you burn in thirty minutes of running?

About 220 calories, depending on how fast you run and your body weight, etc. I suggest something more intense like power boxing, you burn so much more and I think running is really bad for your knees.

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