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A vacuum.

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Q: What will light travel through that sound won't?
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Will sound travel faster or slower on moon than on earth?

Sound will not travel on the moon because on the moon there is no air, and sound works by vibrating particles next to each other. YES IT WONT TRAVEL AT ALL

Why cant electrons escape copper wire?

It's kinda like a fire if there is nothing to burn the fire wont go there, so with electrons if there is nothing to travel in to (like a switch, a light bulb, a buzzer ect.) the electrons wont go there because they can't just travel through air like fire can't just travel through air.

If the light wont go through a material what is it called?


Objects that don't let light pass through them?

Why can't light pass through what? To first contributer, don't say that. Say light cannot pass through solid, opaque objects at times.


Travels in straight linesCan be reflectedAll/Most light can pass through transparent objectsSome light can pass through translucent objectsNo light can pass through opaque objects

Can a subwoofer work without an amplifiers?

Yes a subwoofer can be plugged into a stereo without an amp but it wont sound good and wont hit anywhere near as hard as if you had it runnin through an amp... get an amp

What material wont let light go through?

Any 'opaque' material. e.g. wood, brick, etc.,

Why are rockets good for space travel?

Rockets aren't necessarily good for space travel they are a necessity. You cant leave earth without a rocket... you wont be able to break through the atmosphere.

What speed do these waves travel through a vacuum?

depends on what wave where you are however if you are on about space it wont travel because of low presser meaning no air force. but on earth sond waves can reach 100000 km

Do longitudinal waves travel through solids and liquids?

Confusing question. Try this - sound waves travel though solids and liquids (and gases), and electromagnetic ("radio") waves travel through a vacuum and gases well, les well through liquids such as water, and hardly at all though conducting solids such as metals.

Do sound waves travel faster in dry air or in humid air?

Sound waves travel faster in humid air because humidity would decrease the density of the air. As density decreases then speed of sound would increase as speed is given as c = ./ P/d ./ is the square root symbol. d is the density and P the pressure. Pressure change wont change the speed of sound since P/d remains constant.

Can you travel to US with your UK travel document?

If that travel document is a passport then yes you can. Without passport it wont be possible