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What will make a 1986 Volvo 240 DL lose power if not the battery and alternator?


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What would help would be an articulate question. Does "lose power" mean a loss of voltage/current, or a loss of engine power (horsepower/torque)?


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The alternator on a 1986 Honda Civic is located in front of the engine. Unplug the battery and remove the alternator belt. Loosen the alternator bracket and remove the plug to the alternator. Replace the unit.

There is abolt on the bottom of the alternator that holds the alternator to the engine. There is another bolt and bracket on the top that adjusts the belt tension. There is a ground wire, power wire from the starter and a wire that connects to the dash light. There are also one or two belts depending on the year and model of the car.

Your alternator has failed, and the battery has drained from running the vehicle without being able to recharge it. Replace the alternator and the battery should be fine.

To change the alternator in your 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity: 1, Remove the battery ground cable. 2. Unplug remove the wiring from the alternator. 3. Loosen the bolts that hold the alternator in place. Remove the drive belt. 4. Remove the bolts and the alternator will pull out. Reverse the process to reinstall the new alternator.

I would check the power right at the starter. Either the solenoid on the starter is defective or the connections/ battery are poor.

Loose cables, bad battery, alternator or starter.

Take it to your local auto parts chain store. Most of them will check your battery and alternator for free.

Where is starter relay on a 1986 volvo 240gl

need diagram for 1986 Nissan truck alternator

Left side on front of motor. Follow the battery cable and it will lead you right to it.

Check the charging system first. With the car running use a multimeter to see output of the alternator at the battery. Should be 13.5 + volts if the battery is not at 100% charge. If the guage is right and the voltage drops off check to be sure you have power to the back of the alternator. It's possible you may have a alternator problem or if it's externally regulated(I think it might be) a voltage regulator problem.

Can be a defective cell in the battery, or it has shorted out. Can also be a defective alternator not providing enough power to keep the battery charged. Can also be a drain on the battery such as a light staying on. dome light, courtesy light, trunk light under hood light, etc. If the battery is over 4 years old or has been run dead more than once, replace it.

How do you install an alternator belt on a 1986 GMC s15 pickup truck

A/C Belt Power steering belt. Alternator belt Air pump belt.

The voltage regulator on a 1986 Buick Skyhawk is located inside the alternator. It controls the amount of power sent to charge the batter based on its current state.

The alternator on this car is mounted at the front of the motor on the driver's side. It is above the power steering pump. To remove it it's best to remove the MAF sensor for easy access to the bracket.

Sounds like an electrical problem, check your battery, alternator, and fuse box, and light wiring.

Yes I believe actually the 1986 to 1992 Volvo 240 4 doors are all interchangeable parts but I'm not sure for 1985 and earlier models.

It could be any number of things and you give very little information. A quick way to check would be to put a volt meter on the battery with the car off it should show near 12.6 volts (anything about 12.2v is ok). Start the car and check the voltage it should be around 13.5v, if the same as with the vehicle off check the alternator to battery wire and that the alternator is 12volts. If the power doesn't change when you turn the car off it is probably the alternator. I do think you need to give more info cause a car going dead could be any number of things. I recommend you go to the nearest automotive store and getting your battery and alternator tested by them to make absolutely sure they are the problem.

I unhooked wires on alternator but did not mark wires

First remove the neg battery cable then the wires from the back of the alt. Then loosten the bolts and remove the belt and remove the bolts and the alt.

Battery is dead or the alternator is bad. Have your battery tested at an auto parts store such as pep boys. Chances are your battery will test bad - unable to hold charge.

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