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it will stay as the sun nothing will happen

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Q: What will the sun eventually become?
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Does the sun eventually become a neutron star?

As far as we know, the sun will never become a neutron star. it will eventually become a Red Giant and then it will eventually become a white dwarf

Why will the Sun will eventually become a black hole?

it wont.

The sun will eventually use up its hydrogen fuel and become what?

When the sun exhausts the hydrogen in its core and become a red giant.

What do you call a warm ball of gas that will eventually become a star?

Astronomy or sun

What are similarities between the sun and a red giant?

Our Sun will eventually become a Red Giant towards the end of its life.

Will the sun be a white dwarf for the rest of eternity?

No. After the sun becomes a white dwarf it will eventually cool to become a black dwarf.

Will the sun eventually become a neutron star?

Not unless it gathers much more mass. It will likely become a white dwarf.

What is stating what will happen in the future?

What will happen in the future is that the sun will become a red giant and eventually explode.

Can the sun become a black hole?

That is unlikely. Stars the mass of our Sun will eventually become white dwarves. It requires a larger mass than that of our Sun to become a neutron star, and even more mass to become a black hole. So, unless our Sun acquires a LOT more mass (by some matter that falls into the Sun), it won't become a black hole.

What happens if a penny is left in the sun?

A penny left in the sun will become warmer than its surroundings, and will eventually be picked up by a passerby and carried off.

How does the sun recreates back the burning gases?

The Sun does not recreate the gases it fuses to make energy. Eventually, in about 4 billion years, the Sun will run out of energy and become a red giant.

What will happen when the sun runs out of fuel?

By that time earth will be no more:c, but just to answer your question, it will eventually become a black dwarf.

Do the sun will eventually become a neutron star?

No, unless it somehow acquires more mass. It requires more mass to become a neutron star.

What will the Sun end up as when its nuclear energy source dies out forever?

At the mass of the Sun, it will become a white dwarf - and when that one cools down, eventually a black dwarf.

Will a black hole form in our solar system?

No, the sun is too small to become a black hole, it will eventually become a brown dwarf, ending it's life cycle.

What will the carbon dioxide eventually become?

Carbon dioxide will eventually become oxygen

Is earth going to burn?

Yes. The sun will eventually become a red giant whose diameter will be larger than the Earths' orbit.

Would an average mass main sequence star like our sun eventually become a neutron star black hole?


Will our sun ever become a neutron star or a white dwarf?

So far scientists' study show that the sun will never become a neutron star, however scientists are predicting that the sun will eventually become a white dwarf. Right now the sun is going to be a Red Giant. But once the sun uses up all it's hydrogen fuel then it become a white dwarf, after many more millions of years all that thermal energy used up will be worn out and the sun will be a black dwarf.

What happens if the sun will disappear?

In about 5 billion years the sun will run out of hydrogen fuel, eventually expanding to become a Red Giant, this is the 2nd to last face to a star's death. It's diameter will become large enouh to emcompass Venus. The Earth's atmosphere will not survive this and will be stripped by fire, and water will boil and evaporate. Life will no longer from this moment ever survive on Earth again. After this, the sun will become a 'white dwarf' and compress to the size of earth and be brighter. Eventually it will burn out.

What will eventually happen to the sun?

the sun will eventually expand so big destroying the earth in around 5 billion years.

Will your sun eventually swell up?

We believe so; in fact it has been swelling ever since it ignited as a star. Eventually it should become a red giant a hundred times bigger than it is now.

What will the sun turn to be once it eventually dies?

Long before the sun dies, its size will expand and it will become a red giant star. then after thousands of years,is will shrink, becoming a white dwarf. In the end, it will change to become a black dwarf, giving off no light or heat.

What will happen to earth when your sun burns out?

Earth will move away from its orbit.Planet will become dark.Life will be lost eventually with stopping of photosynthesis.Planets will collide as moving.these are few.

What happens if the sun turns deep orange?

The sun would only become orange if it were expanding (which is expected to happen eventually, in several billion years from now). The expanded sun would reach the Earth's orbit, burning up everything on the surface.