What will you do if you are in love with your cousin?

keep in mind tht it is ILLEGAL.
&& sick ..
they might be attractive, funny, nice, smart, WHATEVER!!
but there are plenty more ppl like tht in the world..
while u have feeling for them, dnt spend too much time with them..
try & find a new intrest...
DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE ANSWERS!!!!! tell him how u feel. he'll understand. then u can come up with ways 2 get closer. the more closer u two get, the more u both feel loved. but if he's going through a stage (i highly doubt, but my cuzin is) when he feels thet ur bugging him so much, ignore him 4 a while. he'll talk 2 u when he sees what ur doing. then u and him can try 2 find ways 2 become MUCH closer. but try not 2 talk 2 him too much if he's going through this stage
this is not illegal in some states. and u can move 2 other countries, go 2 www.cousincouples.com 2 find out more (don't ask me how i got that web address)

DUHHHHH! it's obvious let him or her know=) It doesn't matter if you're cousins. In my country and most others, cousins can freely have a relationship just like everyone else and get married. So try becoming close friends with your cousin first just to know if you really do like him or her, and if you find out that there actually is a spark between you guys, try giving hints so they wouldn't be shocked by what you have to say...
This is pretty much like any other relationship, you don't just go up to your best friend who you've never shown that you liked that way before and speak your mind.. you have to give hints.. Like compliment her or smile at her when she looks at you, make eye-contact and talk to her more than you used to=] Then tell her.. and don't be afraid!
If she responded positively to all the above, she won't be shocked if you tell her you like her or are in love with her, since she would have probably suspected it.
(PS: Girls can ALWAAAAYYSSS tell if a guy likes them, even if you are her cousin.. it doesn't matter, if you like her that much and she's old enough to understand, I can assure you she already knows..=] )