What will you do if you still love the girl but the girl wants to move on to what have happened to your relationship in the past?


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All you have to do is move on! Just like her. Find SOMEONE else, and just be friends with you girl you still like.

You have to expect that there will be breakups in your first relationships because you are just getting started.


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It means she is not looking for a relationship right now but wants to be your friend (it has happened to me)

If you are are talking about a romantic relationship, the answer is no. By definition, a straight girl does not want a romantic relationship with another girl.

It means he still has feelings for you, but doesnt like you as much as he likes the other girl.

It i possible that even though the girl is showing you she is interested but telling you hat she still wants to remain friends is because she is not yet comfortable with a relationship other than friendship with you.

It means she dont want to go far but she still wants to stay together

when a girl says she really dont know what she wants in a relationship i think it means that she really dont want to have a relationship with anyone right now but on the other hand i dont know.

Everyone is different and no two relationships are the same, so it is impossible to say what your chances with a girl who still has feelings for an ex-boyfriend would be.

When you and your girlfriend are having a disagreement, just remember that the girl is always right . The girl always wants to have most of the control in the relationship.

AnswerI would say she either wants the relationship to be more serious...or she wants to break up. Either she's worried that you aren't as serious about the relationship as she is, or she is trying to get you to see the problems with the relationship because she wants to dump you without hurting your feelings.AnswerOR...That is when she wants you to propose for marriage.

that means that girl likes YOU and wants the girl your dating to get jelous and break up with you

It means that he wants a girl so bad and will not give up to get the girl

This largely depends on the relationship you have already established with the girl and the question she asked. It could be a variety of answers, including she likes you and wants to be in a relationship with you, or you are a trusted friend and she needs relationship advice.

ANSWER:.... If I were the man, I will go to her and tell her what I did wrong. I will give her the decision if she still want a relationship with me, after what I did. I will not blame her if she wants it quit, after all it was I who betrayed her and I kept it from her.................

Yes. A gay man can be with a girl if he wants to. They can love eachother, it would just be a sexless relationship.

yes but ask the girl if that is what she wants too

If "we still have a relationship" means you are still friends, I see no reason why you couldn't continue that kind of a relationship.

J Cole wants a one night stand and he thinks the girl wants a relationship.

The girl likes you but isent ready for a relationship at the time but maybe in the future

Because that girl might want to be friends.

beyonce is not sure weather she should have a boy or a girl but still she wants a girl and jay-z wants a boy . the thing is they are still waiting on a responce from their doctor. so soon they will know what they are having .........:)

It all depends on the girl. Some look for a serious relationship, and some just want to kiss, hug, have sex, and then break up with you. You can usually tell what kind of relationship the girl wants. If she likes hugging, kissing, inapropiate touching, its not very serious. The girl that wants a serious one will usually take it slow. im a girl myself, and i am SINGLE :D

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