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if he really does love you then he won't stay with his girlfriend

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Q: What will you do if your friend tells you he loves you but he has a girlfriend?
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What does it mean when a guy tells you he loves you but he has a girlfriend?

I think it means this boy loves you more as a friend or he wants you instead of his current girlfriend. It either means that he loves you but not enough to end it with his girlfriend or that he loves you but he doesn't want to hurt her.

What does it mean when my guy friend whom has a girlfriend tells me he loves me as a friend?

This type of love is agape love, not romantic love.

How do you know your girlfriend still loves her ex?

If she tells you.

What do you do when your girlfriend tells you for the first time that she loves you?

Well I think that if your girlfriend tells you that she loves you and you are not ready then don't say it because your going to regret it and if you really do love her then say it ...

Does your boyfriend love you if he tells you he loves you and then he tells you that he has a girlfriend and you are a friend and you think he does not love you but his expression says he loves you?

Men have other friends that are girls all the time, it doesn't mean hes sleeping with them. Go with your instinct. If he says your his girlfriend then you have to ak yourself if you trust him. If you don't trust the man your with then its doomed to fail anyway.

What does it mean if he tells you he loves you but his friend tells you he doesn't like you?

They cannot BOTH be telling the truth.

What does it mean if a girl tells her friend that she loves you?

the girl likes u

What do i do if i set something up where i had one of my friends that's also friends with my girlfriend up to where he flirts with her and tells me everything she says and after it happens she stops?

If there is a situation where your friend and girlfriend are together and the friend is flirting with the girlfriend then your friend isnÕt a very good friend. If you girlfriend tells you everything then confront you friend about his behavior and decide if you two can still be friends.

Does your girlfriend like you if she says she loves her male best friend?

Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

How do you know when a teen guy is in love with his girlfriend?

a teen guy is in love with his girlfriend when he tells her he loves her every day and kisses her

My boyfriend says to me that he loves me and then he says to me that he has a girlfriend just a friend i am very confused i think that he don't loves me but his expression tells that he loves me?

O.o Well you all might want to slow down a little bit. He might not be ready. I wasn't ready to say I love you to my Girlfriend but I did anyway, and I thought we should have slowed down.

How you can know that she loves you?

You Know she Loves you when she looks you in the eye say's "I Love You Till The Day I Die" Take it from a guy who tells his girlfriend that everyday and means it and she says it back and we have been together for a year now so that my friend is how you know

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