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"Bleeding" ; a loss of dye in one cloth is absorbed by other clothing .

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Q: What word is used when clothes stain other clothes?
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What is a stainer?

The word stainer is defined as a person who works with stain. Stain is a color or chemical that is used to penetrate wood and other products.

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Pollute, stain soil, smudge, contaminate, foul, are some synonyms for 'make dirty'.The word dirty itself can be used as verb. Example:Don't dirty your clothes when you play outside.

Does ammonia s tain clothes?

"Stain" may not be the right word to use. Ammonia is a pretty strong bleach, and could very well discolor clothing.

How many syllables are in the word stain?

"Stain" has one syllable.

How many syllables are in stain?

The word stain has one syllable.

How do you say stain in french?

The word "stain" in French is translated as "tache."

What is the origin of the word dungarees?

it is an Hindustani word, cotton cloth used for working clothes

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I used delicacy when ironing the clothes.

What is the antonym for the word stain?

For a stain that means a dirty spot, the opposite is clean. For stain that means to a person's character, the opposite is praise.

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