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A cognate is a word that is the same in two languages.

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Q: What word means a word that can be used in two languages with the same meaning?
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What is the meaning of sarcastic in tagalog or filipino?

The meaning would stay the same in all languages. However, the word used to deliver this meaning changes in different languages. This is because words express a meaning.

Is vis-à-vis French?

yes it is a french word that is used in english and it has the same meaning in both languages.

What is the meaning of human languages?

Well, languages spoken by human beings. Which includes all of the languages we know about actually. Although computer codes are also referred to as "languages", they are not really the same thing, as they are not used by sentient beings to converse.

Tham ja meaning in english?

"tham ja" is used in Hindi, Marathi & Marwari languages (I'm fluent with these 3 languages, however, it might be used in other similar languages too). Whichever language it is used in, "Tham ja" means to stop....... or to wait (in some cases, depending on the context it is used in.)

What is the meaning of Marathi name Kunal?

Kunal is not a Marathi word. This is a Sanskrit word, which means 'stem of the lotus'. This word is used in most of the languages of India.

What is the meaning of the root word pon?

The meaning of the Latin root word pon means place or set. These root words come from the Latin language and are used in a huge variety of modern languages.

What is the meaning of Bilingual?

Bilingual means the ability to speak in two languages.

What is the difference between kitab and pustak?

"Kitab" is an Arabic word meaning "book," commonly used in languages like Urdu and Arabic. "Pustak" is a Hindi word also meaning "book," commonly used in languages like Hindi and Sanskrit. Both words refer to the same object, a written or printed work bound together.

What does a common mean in math?

The ordinary meaning of "common" is used in math too. It means "same for both" or "same for all".

What is the meaning of fizza?

"Fizza" can be a name or a term used in some languages, but it does not have a specific meaning in English.

what is the meaning of on the same note?

It means "also", "in addition", or "in the same manner".

How do you spell taxi in other languages?

"Taxi" is a fairly common cognate--the same word is used in a lot of languages.