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In Irish: scúnc (animal); suarachán or bréantachán (a person). In Scottish Gaelic: ?

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There is no word for skunk in the Scottish language - there are no skunks in Scotland.

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Q: What word means skunk in Scots?
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Where does the Scots word 'lum' come from?

The Scots word "lum" comes from the Old English word "lumm" which means "chimney" or "smokestack." It has been in use in Scots language for many centuries to refer to a chimney or the flue of a fireplace.

What part of speech is the word skunk?

The word "skunk" is both a noun and a verb.The noun "skunk" is a word for a type of mammal with a capability of spraying malodorous effluvia when annoyed; a word for a thing.The verb "skunk" means to have been sprayed by a such an animal; to to prevent an opponent from scoring or succeeding; to defeat completely; a word for an action.

What is a begunk?

A begunk is a Scots dialect word for an illusion or trick by means of cheating.

What does Scots wae'hae mean?

Literally "Scots we have", so basically it means "we are Scots" Answer. Scots who have

What is the Spanish word for skunk?

skunk = la mofeta

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Chicago means onion or skunk. Or "smells bad" depending how you use it.

How do you say skunk in french?

The Spanish word for "squirrel" is "ardilla".

How do you divide the word skunk into syllables?

Skunk has only one syllable, so it would just be "skunk".

What is the Scots Gaelic word for lion?

The word for 'lion' in Scots Gaelic is 'leòmhann'.

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The word skunk has only one syllable.

What country did the last name Burns come from?

scotland The word 'Burn' means a stream or brook in Scots