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What words are slang for virgin?

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Cherry is one, im looking for others...

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What is the opposite word of virgin?

non-virgin....there really isn't an offical word to describe someone who has had sex. There are many slang and ignorant words that are used that I am not going to list because they are useless and usually hurtful.

What is the difference between slang and pretentious words?

Slang words are words that are not in the dictionary.

What are some sotho slang words?


What are derby slang words?

Derby slang words are words that are used in the Derbyshire dialect. Some Derby slang words include "be said" and "belter" along with "clammed."

What are slang words for toilet?

Slang words for toilet are 'loo' or 'bog' xx

What are todays slang Words for pot or a joint?

Pot and Joint ARE slang words. To see what the slang terms for marijuana are, click the link below.

What are some slang words for clothing?

In Australian slang, clobber.

What are some hillbilly slang words?

What is the slang word for money

Should gram and pap be capitalized in a sentence?

no they are slang words. typically slang words souldn't be capitalized

Is slang considered as colloquial words?

Yes, slang is a form of colloquialism.

What are some slang words for 25 dollars?

There's a lot of slang words for dollars, like buck and George.

When were the first slang words said?

The first slang words were not recorded. It's use predates written language.

What are some slang words for the police?

The slang word for police is " Po Po "

When do you use slang words?

You use slang in casual conversation, especially with friends.

What are slang words for cool?

"Cool" is a slang word! It means popular or faddish.

What is a slang word for stomach?

Tummy or belly is common "slang" words for stomach.

Are slang terms actual words?

Yes, they are words.

Do slang words change?

Slang changes frequently, and varies from one region to another. There is also family slang, and siblings, especially twins have words and phrases that are secret to themselves.

What are a few Australian slang words?

There are many different Australian slang words. Some examples of these slang words include "cya this arvo", meaning "see you in the afternoon", "daks" which means trousers, and "dunnie" which means bathroom.

How many vulgar slang words are there?

WikiAnswers is not going to give you vulgar words - we are a G-Rated website. There is also no way to count slang words because slang is constantly changing. So even if we would give you vulgar words, we couldn't count them.

What words can you spell with the letters in zombie?

The letters ZOMBIE can only spell about common words (more Scrabble words).Words include these 9 :zombi (variant spelling)biz (slang)mobbio (slang)mebemi (musical tone)bi (slang)I

What are bad words in slang?

Bad words in slang are somewhat subjective, but most people will agree on the curse words. You can do an internet search for swear words and find lists of bad words on the web, curse words and more.Even hard core curse words spoken sparingly and sprinkled lightly now and then or in written language can color one's prose dramatically.But you need to be aware there are people of culture who refuse to tolerate anything even resembling a curse word spoken in their presence, because cursing makes them feel disrespected. The slang term for someone so high class as this is virgin ears.

Italian slang words?

answer is howdy

What are slang words for style?


What are slang words for alcoholic?