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What words contain only the letters abcdef?

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There are many, many such words. bed, beef, beaded, cede, accede, add, added, etc. etc. etc... feed, fade, decade, deface, defaced.... on and on. or: add, bag, deaf, deed, faced, cage, and bead

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What words contain only the letters abcdef and 8 chararacters?

what word contains only the letters abcdef and 8 characters

Can you get more letters On action replay because it only shows abcdef?

No, these letters together with the numbers make hexadecimals.

What are the words which contain only letters of vowels?


What words contain only the letters nio?

ion onion

Is there a word with the letters Y G T I U and E ONLY?

There are no words that contain all of those letters.

What words contain only the letters diupatl?

Aid, audit, paid, ipad, plat, tulip.

Which word that contains only 7 letter but contain 10 words that can be consecutive letters?


What 8 letter words contain 2 b letters?

cobblers is the only one i can think of.

How many words in ox?

The letters ox contain 1 word. Ox is the only word.

What three words contain the letters S T A R?

if you have to only use those words ok so *'rats *tars *star

What words contain the sequence of letters gry?

There are only a few words in the English language that end in the sequence of letters gry. Some of them are angry, hungry, and aggry. There are a few words containing that sequence that have waned in popularity, such as ahungry.

What is the only word you can spell using the letters abcdef and one other letter in the alphabet?

Farnkledinked. Don't question it, just accept it. backed (Uses k instead of f.)

What are two words that contain the letters e p r l a c e i and f?

There is only one single-word anagram of the letters "eprlaceif" - that being "fireplace". The only eight-letter word that can be made from those letters is "lifecare".

What words contain only the letters aon?

If you mean you have an A, O and N on your rack in scrabble, then there are no words you can make with those letters alone. If you mean the words can contain the letters multiple times: ANNONA ANOA NONA and if you mean that it does not need to include all three of the letters, but cannot have anything but A, O and N: AA AN ANA ANNA ANNONA ANOA ANON NA NAAN NAN NANA NO NONA NOO NOON ON ONO

What countries are spelled with 15 letters?

Marshall Islands is the only country to contain fifteen letters.

Which is the eight letter word that contains only abcdef?

Feedback Boldface Baldface

What fish name contain only four letters?

carp and bass

What is the rhyme word for beggar that contain in 6 letters only?


What states have ten letters?

California and Washington are the only U.S. states that contain 10 letters. Queensland, Australia; Burgenland, Austria; Vorarlberg, Austria; and Pernambuco, Brazil are states that contain 10 letters.

What fruit has only 4 letters?

A four letter fruit that may contain these letters: jsk atxel u

What is the longest word that only uses the first seven letters of the alphabet?

The longest two words that contain the first seven letters of the alphabet are cabbaged and Fabaceae - though the second is generally treated as a proper noun.

Words with only four letters?


Can you make these letters into a word 'sunbonploish'?

These are the only words that contain all of those letters, including at least two 'o's'. No word could be found containing only those twelve letters. blepharoconjunctivitis bronchopleurisy libanophorous libanotophorous nephrotuberculosis pleurobronchitis sulphatocarbonic sulphhemoglobin sulphmethemoglobin sulphobenzoic sulphocarbonic

How many words can you spell using only letters a through g?

There are about 57 words that are combinations of the letters A through G There are about 57 words that are combinations of the letters A through G

What words do these letters spell idytaad?

The longest words with these letters are only 4 letters long: data and tidy. The 3-letter words are add, aid, dad, day, did, and tad.

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