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Only you can come up with a good name! Titles come from the story, not from some anonymous person on the internet! You're getting this backwards I'm afraid -- you need to write the story first and think of the title last.

Titles are also not as important as some writers think - your title might change many times between your first write and your final draft!

Think about your story - what is going on and who are the people involved? What is something special about the story that might make a good title? Don't sweat it - just write something down and get on with the story!

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Q: What would be a good name for a story on kangaroos?
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Any name you want to use is a good name -- you are the writer of the story!

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Whatever name you like is a good name for you - they're your characters!

What is a good title for a book about gymnastics?

A good title would depend on what the book is about, if it has no plot or story line and is only about gymnastics then call it gymnastics but if it is not then create a unique or nice name talking about what the story line is {what the book is about}.

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