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Wedge shaped is simple and can be fast, but the fastest shape is usually a flat wing design. Keep in mind that the less wood weight you have, the faster you can make the car go. This is because the less wood weight you have, the more control weight you can add to the car to bring it up to it's maximum weight limit. It's all about where you place the control weight that gives you the maximum energy potential.

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2.3 seconds according to wikipedia.

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Q: What would be the fasted car shape for a pinewood derby car?
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How do you make a pinewood derby car go fast?

There is no one trick to making a Pinewood Derby car go fast. It is a combination of several different things that you do that make the car go faster. The four most important things to improving the speed of you car are weight placement, axle polishing, wheel roundness, and axle/wheel alignment. Remember that friction is the enemy of Pinewood Derby cars. I could easily write a book on all the procedures you need to go through in order to make your car go faster, but luckily others have done this for me. My recommendation would be to go to Google and do a search on the words "Pinewood Bible". One of the first hits is a PDF file called the "Pinewood Bible" that was written in 2002. Even though the article is many years old, it covers in detail the basic points of making a Pinewood Derby car go fast. Once you've built a few cars and raced them you can begin to refine you techniques into what you feel works and what does not. Then become a member of one of the many Pinewood Derby forums that are out there (Derby Talk is a good place to start) and learn the finer points to tweaking every last bit energy out of your designs. This is the best track to follow for becoming a Master Pinehead like myself.

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What is a better for pinewood derby cars graphite or oil?

First and foremost go and check your rules to see what lubricants are allowed or disallowed in your race. Many rules will usually allow one lubricant to be used, but not the other. The last thing you want to have happen is to be disqualified for using a lubricant that was not permissable by the rules. This question is a very big debate in the Pinewood Derby forums. Most seasoned Pinewood Derby racers will probably go with a light oil such as NyOil or Krytox 100 (by DuPont). I've even seen instances where 3in1 oil or WD-40 have been used successfully. However, on the graphite side, a lot of changes have taken place in the last couple of years. The old Tube-O-Lube and Hob-E-Lube brands aren't the graphites of choice any more. Serious racers now use a much finer and purer graphite that has longer lasting capabilities. Some are even pretreating there axles (NOT the wheels as they can melt the plastic in their wet form) with more advance formulated spray lubricants, such as SailKote from Team McLube. These new spray lubricants contain different forms of Krytox (such as Krytox 102). They are still considered dry lubricants, but when used in conjunction with purer graphite, they are equaling and even besting the speeds of the oil compounds. Then their are some who have found breakthroughs of certian oils and graphites mixed together that are astounding the Pinewood Derby communities. To learn more on this, go to Google and search on the words "Pinewood Derby Physics Lectures". The first link up will take you to Doc Jobes Pinewood Derby Physics Lecture pages. Check out Lecture 13, the results are highly interesting. A few years ago, your question would have been an easy one to answer, as the newer lighter oils available were far superior. Today, that's just not the case anymore. My recommendation is to follow your rules and if you are allowed to use any lubricant go with what you know works for you. You'll be much happier with your results that way. Personally, I lean towards the graphite camp, but when it comes to lubricants I always keep an open mind.

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