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From 12:00 noon to 1:00pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pagans believe that Friday and the number 13 are actually the luckiest day and number. I beg to differ about the above... as a pagan practitioner I can say that the number 13 is not only NOT unlucky, but as it is the number of moons in a year, it is in fact a lucky number. As for Friday, as it is named for the Norse Goddess Freya - Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom, it is again NOT unlucky. === ===

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What is the unluckiest hour?

They are equally unlucky or lucky

What would be the luckiest hour on Friday the 13th?

I think at 12:00p.m. is the luckiest time cause every time Ifind money on the ground!!!

What is the 13th hour of the day?

1pm The first hour is zero hundred in military time and midnight to 1 AM on a 12-hour clock. So, the second would be one hundred hours and 1 AM to 2 AM, respectively. If we continue this, then the 13th hour of the day is noon to 1 PM (also denoted twelve hundred to thirteen hundred hours, but it's the same thing in both). That makes the 13th hour 12 PM, not 1 PM.

How long do Muslims worship at the mosque on Friday?

That would depend on how long the sermon is. The Friday prayers consists of a sermon and the actual prayer. On an a average one hour would suffice for the whole session.

Is house of Anubis ending Friday?

Season 2 is ending this Friday with an hour long episode.

When is the fifa 12 ultimate team happy hour?

On a Friday from 5-8pm, not every friday, it's random.

What hour in Best Buy does black Friday start?


What hour does Black Friday start?

It depends what store you are planning on going to.

What is the rising action in The Friday that changed everything?

the rising action is when the last hour of school Friday afternoon was junior red cross.

What time does Costco open on Black Friday?

Yes, Costco is open on Black Friday. They open an hour earlier that day (9 a.m.).

How long would it take to drive from Santa Clara to San Francisco?

Depending on traffic delays, approximately 40 minutes to an hour. On Friday nights up to an hour and 45 minutes. Due to a lot of visitors to the city.

If it is 11a Thur in Seattle Washington what time and day is it in Seoul South Korea?

Since there is a 16 hour time difference - it would be 5am Friday in Seoul.

How much does a hostess at tgi Friday get?

five dollars an hour plus tips..

What hour is the checkout the busiest on Black Friday?

At 3:00am to 6:00am

What is 72 hour from last Friday 91517 at 1030 am?

72 hours is exactly 3 days, so it would be 10:30am on Monday the 18th of September, 2017.

When is happy hour on in fifa 12 ultimate team?

Every Friday at 5 pm

What are the release dates for Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour - 2008 Black Friday 5-2?

Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour - 2008 Black Friday 5-2 was released on: USA: 5 October 2012

How much money will you make every 2 weeks getting paid 7.25 per hour for 5 hours a day monday-friday?


When does American idol season 8 start?

It starts Tuesday January 13th, 2009 with a 2 hour premiere.

Why was Apollo 13 moon mission so unlucky?

First of all, It is the number 13. Secondly, It was planned to leave on the 13th day of the month, at the 13th hour of the day, at the 13 minute of the day. That is unlucky

How many dollars per hour should you get paid in order to take home 400.00 per week?

It all depends on how many hours you work each week. Say you worked five hours a day for five days. Then you would have to make at least $16 an hour. By that Friday you would have $400.

What is a happy hour bar?

Happy hour at a bar is usually on Friday evenings starting at 5PM. Many bars offer this to attract customers to come after work on a Friday and drink at low discounted prices along with other specials. Although every establishment differs happy hour usually lasts from 5 to 8pm.

How much time we have until the world ends?

Well, statistics show that the world is prohibited to an early grave in a phenomonal manner of justice. This is not a factual statement and will be consequently recorded on publicity stuntations. This is not a manner of approval this is a fantastically enthusiastic piece of descriptive writing. As i sat on the cold, hard chair, my eyes frantically searched the dimly lit building on the 13th second of the 13th minute of the 13th hour of the 13th day of the 13th month of the 13th millenium. There was a bang. And the world was gone. Good luck! note: this is untrue.

Which NPR radio program is Science Friday a part of?

Science Friday is a call-in talk show that runs with NPR's Talk of the Nation radio program. It runs every Friday for ~110 minutes split into 2 separate hour long segments.

Is the bachelor repeated on Saturday?

yes. they are usually repeated an hour before it was previewed the last night so say if it was viewed at 9:00 Friday night on Saturday it would be at 8:00