What would be wrong with your truck if you replaced the battery and still get no power?


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It could be anything from the engine to the connectors

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Try the cables from your battery and alt. Sometimes these can corrode.

Example sentence - The dead battery in the truck had to be replaced.

The battery ,which gives power to the truck, looses its power because the lights use power from the battery to work. It's just like a batery for a toy.

should but what run to long because all power in/on truck running off battery

Yes why not, you can recharge your truck PC by driving around. To recharge the PC first the truck battery should be charged. Driving recharges truck battery because every truck has a power generator inside it but you cannot recharge your truck battery if it is not working properly the acid level of the battery should be maintained properly. Better you check your battery before recharging battery.

Something may be drawing power from your battery, But more than likely the battery is just old and needs to be replaced. Take the truck into your local parts store and have them put a load test on the battery. Its free!

Check for: 1) dead battery 2) loose or corroded battery cables

There are a couple of a reasons why a 1994 Ford F150 truck will not start. The truck may have a dead battery or the spark plugs need to be replaced.

No battery is 12v alternator charges the battery your hous is 120ac voltage. Would be very in efficient to use a battery and inverter to provide power to a home.

Either the battery is not fine and has a dead cell, or something is on pulling power from the battery. Any light on or stuck relay will drain the battery overnight.

Dead battery? Loose or dirty battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Neutral switch?

Truck Battery versus Car BatteryThere is no difference in a truck battery or a car battery unless you are talking about a semi. As long as the battery fits, it the same voltage, and has sufficient CCA (cold cranking amps) it will work in a truck or car.

My truck has the kill switch the kind that is a long little switch the thing is it is on the postion but the truck still is not turing on. I replaced the ignition switch and have a new battery. How do I just remove this so that i can just turn on my truck, 1996 ford ranger.

sounds like a fuel problem change the fuel filter first

The battery is still going until you open a door.

Then something is on pulling power from the battery. Any light on the vehicle or any relay that is stuck closed.

I pulled the negative cable from the battery with the truck running and the engine quit. Is this a test to see if the alternator needs to be replaced?

the truck has to go to the dealer and get recoded to the car. this happens sometimes on the ml. i work for the dealer.

There has to be a short of some kind. Something is swiping your current.

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