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What would cause AC compressor to not run on 96 sunfire - no blown fuses but no power on green wire to the compressor clutch?

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Maybe the compressor clutch is not being sent power from the switch in the cab.

I'd yank the panel out and have a look at the switch.


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Will oiling clutch on ac compressor help?

Oiling the a/c clutch will cause the clutch to slip and burn up........

Already changed fuse and air conditioning compressor clutch assembly but no power going to cause the compressor to kick on to pull back the clutch so that compressor kicks on what could be the cause?

What specific kind of vehicle do you have? It does sound like the clutch may be bad, but we also need to know what you are working on. You need to run power straight from the battery to the compressor. If is still does not engage then you need to replace the compressor and clutch, they are dead. If they do engage, then you have a wiring or computer issue.

What wires cause an air compressor to stop turning on a 1989 Mazda mx6?

I'm Guessing that your talking about the A/C compressor, in which there are 1 or 2 wires going to the clutch. Disconnecting this wire(or 2) will disable the compressor clutch stopping the compressor from working.

Your ac will not come on a 1987 Chevy Celebrity what can you check for?

Low or no freon will cause the AC not to work. Also if the clutch on the AC compressor has failed, or if the compressor itself failed.

Why won't ac compressor come on when ac switch is turned on?

Most common cause is a low refrigerant charge Could be a blown fuse

What would cause the air conditioner in a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird to only blow hot air?

Compressor not running, blown fuse, low of freon.

What would cause the AC compressor to stop turning on in your 1997 Blazer?

Check the clutch and see if it needs replaced; more then likely the compressor came apart on the inside and you'll have to replace it, flush the lines, and replace the orfice.

What is the cause of your AC compressor squealing?

Any of the following.......... 1. The compressor is locking up. 2. You have a bad a/c clutch. 3. You have a bad drive belt. 4. You have a bad tensioner. 5. The a/c system is overcharged.

How do you check the ac compressor on a ford zx2 2000 the ac clutch pulley is bent from serpentine belt breaking?

The A/C compresor is low on the front of the engine, up inside the engine compartment. I have never heard of a serpentine blt "bending" a pulley... When an idler pulley bearing fails and siezes, it will break a belt. This is most likely the cause of belt failure. If the A/C compressor drive is not turning by hand, this is most likely the cause. There is a bearing on the nose of the compressor that allows the hub to rotate and "drive" the compressor when the clutch is activated. The A/C clutch is replaceable without replacing the entire compressor assembly. Check all the pulleys and make sure another one is not also failed.

What would cause ac compressor clutch to engage only when wired direct?

could be several things. the signal comes from the switch on your dash and follows wiring to a relay and more wiring to the clutch. you are bypassing all of that when "jumping" the clutch. if it works when jumped the clutch is good. get a test light and check the wiring to the clutch. good luck....a/c wiring sucks

What would cause your ac to stop working and start smoking under the hood when you were driving in a 1994 Saturn sc1?

Most likely, your air conditioning compressor is cooked or its pulley clutch has seized. Hopefully it was the pulley, because the compressor is not cheap.

What could cause the clutch of a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire Clutch with 32K miles to go out and go all the way to the floor and not let you shift?

Either the clutch fluid level could have gotten low allowing air into the lines or you may need to replace your clutch master cylinder. Try adding DOT3 brake fluid and then pumping the clutch pedal. If you start to notice some resistance then you need to bleed the clutch hydraulic lines.

Why does your air conditioning compressor for your car squeal when it is operating?

There can be quite a few reasons as to why the compressor is squealing when the a/c is activated. The most common cause is a loose accessory drive belt (or serpentine belt on some vehicles). Another cause is a loose or weak a/c clutch or possibly a faulty or defective compressor. Try tightening or replacing the accessory drive belt/serpentine belt. If that does not work, have compressor checked at a qualified repair facility.

What cause a Pontiac Sunfire clutch 96 with 256k miles to go out?

I would guess normal wear. 256K miles is a lot for a clutch. Shoot, 256K miles is great for most any car. I hope mine is running well at 256K. I'm only at 209k.

My car has a clicking noise near the ac compressor only when you turn on the ac What might be the problem?

You probably need a new air filter for your a/c The clicking is probably caused by the clutch on the compressor. If the Ac isn't charged enough it could cause this to kick the compressor off and on. You compressor could also be bad. You werent real clear what the problem was. Hope this helps.

What would cause the ac not to turn on in a 2000 Chevy Malibu?

there are a few things that will cause this, relay or fuse to ac blown, if low on freon ac will not work. check and see if clutch on ac motor works. if not its the relay.

What would cause the ac compressor on an 87 YJ 258 cu in not to kick in without a boost from the battery first then it cycles fine?

if the gap between the clutch plate on the front of the compressor is too wide it will also have a hard time engaging. A/C clutch relay too weak to initiate current demand, clutch windings weak, poor ground or even inline diode (if equipped). When you jump start the compressor you are surging the wire windings which aligns the electrons (temporarily) so the next cycle requires less of a jolt.

What would cause the ac pump to start squealing and then blow the low pressure valve evacuating all of the coolant into the cab?

Your compressor is going out. Probably you threw a piston in the compressor or the bearings in your clutch went out. If you put freon in before this happened you overfilled it and blew the seals.

What would cause a whining sound when you press in your clutch?

A worn out clutch release bearing would cause a whining sound when you put your foot on the clutch.

What might cause a grinding noise when the AC clutch is engaged on a 1993 Chevy PU you have replaced the compressor with three new ones and still have the problem?

You may have burned it up. AC compressors need oil initially. Usually the compressors require additional lubrication during the installation. The warranty on compressors usually require the replacement of the dryer (Accumulator), orfice tube, and flushing the system. This will eliminate debrie and contaminates from damaged compressor in which was replaced. The compressor may be checked for the grinding noise by the following procedure. Disconnect the battery ground. Remove drive belt from clutch. Place wrench on nut in center of clutch and rotate slowly clockwise. If the shaft doesn't rotate smoothly there is likely damage inside the compressor cylinders and pistons. If the compressor checks OK, check other components while the drive belt is disconnected. For example, The pulley on the alternator, idler pulley, and water pump should not have any end play. The AC compressor puts a heavier load on the drive belt and may cause other components to make noise. The only other possibility that comes to mind is that the compressor clutch bearing is bad or the clutch is slipping. ! Good luck!

Can a blown thermostat cause a blown gasket?

yes if its stuck closed.

Will a blown head gasket cause erratic idle?

I blown head gasket can cause an engine miss which one cause a rough idle.

What could insufficient free play in the clutch cause?

A slipping clutch.

What would cause a metallic whine from a 2003 Mercedes E320?

If the noise sounds like a power steering whine it could be caused by the A/C compressor clutch bearing or the belt idler pulley.

What could cause your AC in your car to not to be cold and just blow air?

When you turn on the AC, check to see if the compressor is running. If the compressor clutch is not engaging, it might be as simple as low refrigerant level. Automobile AC is not like a home AC. Since the compressor cannot be sealed, the seal always leaks a little and you need to occasionally add a little refrigerant.