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The A/C compresor is low on the front of the engine, up inside the engine compartment. I have never heard of a serpentine blt "bending" a pulley... When an idler pulley bearing fails and siezes, it will break a belt. This is most likely the cause of belt failure. If the A/C compressor drive is not turning by hand, this is most likely the cause. There is a bearing on the nose of the compressor that allows the hub to rotate and "drive" the compressor when the clutch is activated. The A/C clutch is replaceable without replacing the entire compressor assembly. Check all the pulleys and make sure another one is not also failed.

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Q: How do you check the ac compressor on a ford zx2 2000 the ac clutch pulley is bent from serpentine belt breaking?
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Where is the compressor clutch in 1997 GMC Safari?

It should be right on the front of the compressor - usually the clutch is inside the v-belt/serpentine pulley on the compressor

What is an AC compressor clutch and what does it do?

The AC clutch is on the front of the compressor where the belt rides. When power is applied to the clutch it engages to turn the compressor. It is basically a magnet a/c compressor clutch is the ound thing on the front of the compressor with pulley wheel attached. this clutch is an electro magnetic clutch that when electricity is supplied, engages so as the a/c compressor is driven ,which can then pump freon thru the ac system

How can you bypass a air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1997 Pontiac Bonneville?

Google Pontiac boneville ac compressor bypass pulley. There are a few places that sell a replacement pulley that goes in the spot of the compressor that allows use of the original serpentine belt.

Why does the serpentine belt keep breaking on your 1990 Ford 4.9 L?

A bad pulley (sharp edge) A seized pulley A misaligned pulley

How does an auto ac compressor clutch work?

A clutch for an automotive air conditioning compressor is composed of three parts. the magnetic coil the pulley the hub the magnetic coil is mounted on the front of the compressor and nestles closely insid the pulley. the Pulley is mounted on the bearing mount extension of the compressor the hub is fastened to the end of the input shaft of the compressor. It normally sits slightly above the surface of the pulley When current is introduced into the coil, the coil becomes magnetic. Then the magnetism is transferred into the pulley and it pulls the hub down to engagement.

How do you replace the clutch on the ac compressor on a 1999 mercury villager?

generally u dont replace clutch as it is more prudent to just get a used compressor from junk yard. you will need a pair of snap ring pliers. 1. remove nut on compressor shaft and remove clutch plate. 2. remove snap ring holding pulley on compressor. 3. use two screwdrivers on opposite sides of pulley to help slide off pulley.

Where is the compressor located on a 97 Ford Escort?

The A/C compressor is located on the bottom of passenger side of the engine. It is the unit between the crankshaft pulley and the idler pulley. It is driven by the serpentine accessory belt.

How do you bypass the ac compressor with the serpentine belt on a 94 z28 camaro?

pulley from same car with no air bolts in but u need to remove compressor

Why is your ac compressor smoking when ac is on?

The Air conditioning compressor is likely seized. There is a clutch in the pulley that engages the compressor when the A/C is turned on. You can easily check the compressor (with engine off make sure the pulley has had time to cool off as it will be very hot) Try to turn the most center part of the pulley. If you cannot turn it by hand the compressor is seized. The smoke was MOST likely from the serpentine belt rubbing on the seized pulley when the A/C compressor was engaged. Please note that the same belt drives the power steering pump. This belt will be destroyed from the heat and must be replaced to prevent a possible steering failure.

What would make your serpentine belt keep breaking on your 2007 dodge caravan?

Most likely causes would be a pulley that is locking up, a misaligned pulley, or something getting on the belt causing it to fall off. Check the ac compressor and water pump.

AC compressor - clutch seems to be locking upmaking noise can only the clutch be replaced or does the entire Compressor need to be replaced?

If the AC pulley is locking up when the ac compressor clutch engages, it's not a clutch problem, it's a compressor problem. But yes, the AC clutch can usually be replaced separately. The problem is, if the clutch is worn out the compressor is probably worn out as well. It usually isn't that much more to replace the whole thing.

Can you replace the air conditioner compressor clutch on a 2003 jeep liberty without replacing the entire compressor?

It is possible to replace the air conditioner clutch without replacing the entire compressor if you can find somewhere that sells just the clutch assembly and can get the appropriate tool to remove the pulley to get to the clutch. Try buying a repair manual and looking in there.

What is a ac compressor clutch?

a metal plate on front of comp that locks onto pulley when coil receives electricity

Why does your serpentine belt keep breaking?

Several reasons come to mind. Misaligned pulleys .Knife edge , bent or damaged pulley. Incorrect belt tension. Belt contact with protruding part. If it is a serpentine belt the idler pulley more than likely needs replacing. If it is a drive belt you are adjusting it too tightly. The AC compressor (if equipped) could be locking up also.

What would cause your ac to stop working and start smoking under the hood when you were driving in a 1994 Saturn sc1?

Most likely, your air conditioning compressor is cooked or its pulley clutch has seized. Hopefully it was the pulley, because the compressor is not cheap.

How do you replace air conditioning clutch on 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

go to Get clutch remover and installer. Get feeler gauge. Remove serpentine belt with 1/2" breaker bar. Measure air gap in clutch. Remove shaft nut. Remove clutch with remover. Remove outer snap ring. Remove pulley with pry bars or remover. Remove clutch coil with pry bars or remover. Replace new coil and pulley. Replace snap ring. Replace clutch, maintaining air gap. Reinstall nut. Reinstall belt.

Hey what keeps a 2003 sonoma ac comp from kicking on?

check the fuse, then the relay and wiring. If the pulley clutch is getting power, then you may need a new clutch or compressor.

What would cause the lower front pulley on a 1996 Dodge Neon to not turn but all of the others do?

Sounds like the bearing is seized on the lower pulley. Remove the pulley and check the bearing. . John In Montana If you are trying to move the the bottom pulley without a socket it is not easily done ! this is the crankshaft pulley and is connected to the cam by the timing belt ! turning this pulley is in turn trying to turn the whole engine over against the compression of the cylinders ! If your engine is still assembled you can put a socket on the bolt and should be able to turn it with some effort !! if there was an engine problem that brought you to this point , and the engine will not turn over with the socket (or only goes part way) you may have a busted timing belt or a more severe problem internally ! Good Luck ! The lower front pulley should be your a/c compressor. If it is not engaging or cycling you may have to charge with freon. Or the compressor is locked up. Is the belt squeeling? You can bypass the compresssor with a shorter belt to get you by. This pulley is the A/C Compressor - It is common for the compressor to seize up. However, be sure you're looking at the pulley and not the clutch on the outside of the pulley - It will only turn when the Compressor Clutch is engaged. If the Compressor IS locked up, you're serpentine belt will need to be replaced also. The A/C system will need to be drained before the compressor can we removed.

Can you bypass the air conditioning compressor with a serpentine belt on a 2000 Dodge Dakota V8?

Yes, but if you unplug the wiring to the compressor, the pulley will simply idle without causing the compressor to do anything, unless the pulley clutch is faulty and is constantly engaging the compressor, in which case, you will have to bypass the compressor pulley or replace it. If you must bypass the air conditioner, you will need a shorter belt (by at least 12 inches). It is possible that the stock belt for your motor without air conditioning option will fit, try that option first. Otherwise the proper fit will have to be determined by trial and error or use string to trace the new route and measure its length. The new route should be exactly the same except bypassing the compressor.

Where is the air condition compressor located on a 1997 Toyota corolla?

It is one of the devices under the hood, belt driven, and can be identified by it has a clutch pulley instead if just a pulley with nothing in front of it

Why does a 2004 Honda Civic's air conditioning make a funny sound when just starting to accelerate?

It could be a worn out belt, a bad pulley or even a bad compressor and or compressor clutch.................

How can you by pass ac compressor on a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country 3.3?

You can unplug the wire going to the ac clutch, but if the bearings are the problem you would want to ask the auto parts house about a non ac serpentine belt if they make one. There isn't a shorter belt, but the part stores do sell a dummy pulley that goes in place of the compressor.

How do you change the serpentine belt on a 1998 Chevy 1500 5.7?

You can change the serpentine belt by loosening the tensioner pulley. When the tensioner pulley is loose and the serpentine belt will become loose. Put the new serpentine belt on and tighten the tensioner pulley.

How do you replace the air conditioner clutch on a 2006 F350?

You will a lot of special tools as well.. Remove the A/C compressor Remove the A/C clutch disc and hub retaining bolt. Remove the bolt. Remove the A/C clutch disc and hub spacers. Remove the pulley snap ring. Remove the A/C clutch pulley. Remove the A/C clutch field coil.

How do you fix an air condiosoner pump because it does not spin or work?

Do you mean that the AC clutch does not engage the compressor? Or do you mean that the AC compressor won't turn even if the clutch is engaged? If the compressor is siezed and will not turn even if the clutch is engaged, the only choice is to replace the compressor. If you can turn the compressor by hand (understand that the belt pulley will turn freely with the engine if the clutch isn't engaged) but the compressor clutch isn't engaging, it might just be out of refrigerant. There is a sensor, usually somewhere near the receiver/dryer) that detects the "low side" refrigerant pressure. Once the refrigerant pressure at the sensor drops below a specified level, the compressor will not turn on. In other words, if the compressor clutch won't engage it might just be out of refrigerant.