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If you can see a swollen vertebrae in the small of your back through your skin then you probably have 1 of 2 conditions. You either have a herniated disk or a curved spine.

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What would cause a pitbull to have a swollen eye and filmy white stuff coming out of it?

An infection would cause pitbull to have a swollen eye and filmy white stuff coming out of it.

What would cause swollen epitrochlear lymph nodes?


What can cause a swollen lump on the right side of your head behind your ear?

This would be one of your lymph nodes that is swollen. There are several things that can cause swollen lymph nodes which include infections, colds, and viruses.

Will prostate cancer cause a swollen testicle?

No, that would not be a typical symptom.

Why would the vaginal canal be swollen?

I'm Trying To Find Out What Can Cause This To Happen

What would cause the vagina to become swollen sensitive and itchy?

A yeast infection.

Will a bee sting cause a swollen muzzle and hive like bumps?

Yes, it would.

Is a hedgehog a vertebrae?

Yes because It has a backbone. that is the reason for a hedgehog being a vertebrae if it did not have a backbone it would not be a vertebrae.

Where would you find the cervical vertebrae?

The cervical vertebrae are those vertebrae which are found immediantly inferior to the skull.

Does a Tasmanian devil have a vertebrae?

Of course, all mammals have a vertebrae. Without a vertebrae, they would not be able to move, therefore, they would not be able to live from starvation.

What could be the cause of a tender or sore lump in your neck under your ear?

The cause of a tender or sore lump on your neck under your ear would be a swollen lymph node. A doctor can do tests and let you know why the lymph node is swollen.

What would cause a dog's eye to become swollen and inflamed?

it could be from a bee sting or a bug bite

What could cause a swollen lymph node?

An infection is the most common cause. It may also be cancer. It would be best to see a doctor who can identify the exact cause.

When theirs a small evop leak would it cause your car to jerk?

a small evap leak would not cause your car to jerk.

Your German shephard has a spot over her eye that looks like a scrape and her eye is swollen shut what would cause this?

how do you know there's a mark if the eye's swollen shut? is there something on the eyelid?

How many vertebrae are in the backbone?

If you consider the bakbone as composed of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae, there would be a total of 24 vertebrae.

An example of a knee vertebrae?

The knee joint does not contain vertebrae.. that would be the spine.

Tiny white blisters tongue infants?

What would cause tiny white blisters and swollen lips on a baby?

Where in the body would you find the vertebrae?

Individual vertebrae make up the spinal cord.

How does the vertebrae protect the spinal cord also allow for movement?

With the vertebrae it is a bone that inbetween each vertebrae is a small gap to allow movement. The vertebrae's are connected in a way you would have to search yourself or ask a chiropractor, natropthy or anyone that knows or studies the spine. Meghan Rooney. 9b, 14years of age.

What would happen if there were no disks in your vertebrae?

If your spine had no discs, the vertebrae would scrape very painfully against each other. This would be instantly crippling.

Which vertebrae can be associted with the chest?

That would be the thoracic vertebrae. (. . . of the thorax), and there are 12 of them - T1 through T12.

What is acoelous vertebrae?

Acoelous vertebrae are flat on both the anterior and posterior ends of the centrum(spool in the middle). An example would be the vertebrae in the human spine.

What would cause small holes in tomatoes?

Small holes? Then, it must be rotting..

What causes swollen ankles and swollen neck at the same time?

Fluid retention caused by excess salt intake can cause swollen ankles and a swollen neck. Usually, a swollen neck is caused by swollen lymph nodes which are caused by an infection of some type but since your ankles are swollen also I would suspect fluid retention. Try severely limiting your intake of salt. Do not just eliminate white table salt. Also eliminate salt from processed meats and snacks.

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