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Well if you have left any type of electical things on like lights or your door wasn't all the way closed then this could be your problem.

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Q: What would cause a 1984 Chevy van battery drain over night?
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What can cause battery to drain on a 1996 trans sport se?

A dead cell in the battery will cause the battery to loose it's charge overnight. The battery must be replaced if this is the case. Also, any light that is on will drain the battery. A stuck relay will also drain it. Disconnect the negative cable at night in the dark and if you see a spark of any size then something is on. You will see a very tiny spark which is normal but look for a spark that show a large power draw.

Will a bad ground make your battery go down over night?

No, a bad ground will not drain the battery. A dead cell in the battery will most certainly drain it. If it has a dead cell it must be replaced. Also any light that is on will drain it. Lastly a stuck relay will run it down.

Why does your battery dies over night on your 1993 Nissan altima?

This is caused by one of two reasons. Either the battery has a dead cell and needs replacing or there is a parasitic drain on the battery. The drain can be any light that is constantly on or a relay that is stuck.

What can drain battery overnight when nothing was left on for a 1996 Chevy Silverado?

that happen to me. everyday in the morning the battery was dead until i found out it was the relay for the fuel pump, it was bad and it causes to leave the fuel pump on all night. maybe your is doing the same thing.

Why does the battery drain over night on a87 Cadillac Fleetwod?

There are a few reasons why a battery may drain overnight on a 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood. One reason could be the alternator needs replaced.

What causes battery drain over night on 2006 bmw 330i?

The most common cause is a dead cell in the battery which requires that the battery be replaced. It can also be a light on somewhere. Like and under-hood, glove box, trunk, curtorsey light, etc. Can also be a relay that is stuck.

Will the parking light drain the battery if left on all night?

Yes. Happened to me today in Audi A3

What would drain a car battery overnight?

lights being on all matters such as so...

Why is 1992 ST Chevy Blazer not starting after change the alarm battery?

Because you touch yourself at night Because you touch yourself at night

What could cause a 1994 Buick park avenue battery to drain overnight?

Most likely there is something that is draining it. In case it might be the battery itself, disconnect the battery terminals at night. When you reconnect in the morning and the battery is OK, then the problem is in the electrical system somewhere. If the battery is dead then the battery needs to be replaced. Finding the fault in the electrical system can be difficult. Check to make sure all lights go out when the car is turned off. Pulling fuses to see if any stops the drain could help isolate the problem too. Good luck

What could cause your Porsche cayenne to lose charge of the battery daily?

Either the battery is defective and has a dead cell or something is on which is pulling power from the battery every night.

What would cause a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am to quit running the next morning after running perfect last night?

You left the light or something on last night and ran out the battery or your battery died

Does battery corrosion in the middle of the battery under the tie down strap but not on the terminals cause battery power to be drained?

No, corrosion will not cause a battery to drain, even if the corrosion is on the terminals. Several factors can cause battery drain, I would first have the battery tested to see if the battery it self is not bad. If the battery is good, then the most common is a short. All most all new cars have a certain amount of drain,(measured in milivolts) this drain is for clocks and computer memory's, and it would take several days of a vehicle sitting for the battery to be drained. Don't immediately assume you have a problem if you see 2-6 milivolts of drain on a battery with the key out, now if your battery is being drained after being parked over night, you have a problem. The easiest way to pin down the problem short is to disconnect your positive battery cable from the battery, take a 12 volt test light and clamp one end to the positive cable, and hold the probe to the positive post. Now if you have a short the light will come on. Have someone help you by pulling the fuses one at a time. If when a fuse is pulled the light goes out you have isolated the short to that system. If you pulled all the fuses and the light never went out try disconnecting all the wires from the alternator, 9 times outta 10 do this will let you know where your short is. If the system is not critical like power locks some people just leave the fuse out.

What can drain your battery when there's a good alternator and new battery?

There's a number of things ... but the one that got me was a stuck fuel pump relay. It stayed closed and the fuel pump ran all night.

What would cause all your lights and turn signals not to work only at night time?

A dead battery

Why does the lights throb when you start your mountaineer?

the voltage regulator in the alternator is going bad it can possibly stick when everything is turn off and drain you battery over night.

How do you clear nissan forklift error code?

Pull battery and let it sit over night. Leave the key in the ignition in the on position to drain whats left of the charge. When you connect the battery back the next day it should be gone. Don't leave the key on when you reconnect the battery.

Can a bad starter start the car but still drain the battery over night?

Not likely. The starter would have to stay engaged to drain the battery and that you would hear loud and clear. Check for any light that is on. Dome, glove box, trunk, back-up, under hood, etc. It can also be a stuck relay. Lastly it can be a dead cell in the battery which would require the battery be replaced. If the battery is over 3 years old or has been run down a couple of times it is more than likely your problem.

Unplug Your Computer At Night?

When you leave your computer plugged in at night, it drains power even after the battery is full. This is true for the best laptop computers 2010 has to offer or any of the more recent models. This can also wear out the battery. You would be wise to unplug the computer at night so that you do not waste money and so that you do not cause the battery to die sooner than it would have died.

What would cause a Chevy S-10 truck horn to go off on its own - in the middle of the night?

it could be a ghost

Battery drain over night on vw t4 transporter?

Looked at my dads van and it had a drain 0.27 it should be 0.03 when I removed the stereo fuse it went. I unplugged the cd changer but it's still there so I think it's the sat nav unit

What will cause a battery to die over night?

A dead cell in the battery will cause it to loose it's charge overnight. The only fix is to replace the battery. Also if something is on drawing power from the battery it will run it down overnight. Look at all lights. Interior, under hood, trunk, give box, brake lights, etc. It can also be a stuck relay.

Can a battery cause headlights to dim?

yes. to much corrosion on terminals can cause this. if your car starts right up after sitting all night, chances are your alternator is OK. clean terminals.

What make a battery go down over night?

If you leave the lights on the battery goes down or anything else that uses the battery over night. But if that's not it, the battery is worn out and you need to buy a new one.

What would couse an alternator to over charge a battery on a 93 Chevy berreta gt 3 alternators later and 5 batteries sits over night and drans batter help?

the normal cause of a batterie draining at night is that it has a short and is grounding somewhere use a test light to find the short. as for an over charge that would be caused by the voltage regulator it may need replaced.