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It is getting no fuel. Possibly bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, or fuel regulator defective.

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Q: What would cause a 89 beretta to run only on starter fluid?
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What would cause a 89 beretta to run only on starter fluid I have replaced the fuel pump filter and regulator?

check the fuse next to the pump relay, check that, then it maybe be ecm or somethin

What would cause a car not to fire no spark till you give it a shot of starting fluid?

check ur pluges and wires but also check ur starter

What would cause a power wire to burn from the starter to the battery?

why would my starter wire burn, going from starter to battery

Why would 1995 Beretta leak fuel into air filter assembly?

A broke fuel line can cause a 1995 Beretta to leak fuel into air filter assembly. An exhaust leak can also cause this issue.

Can a bad starter cause the car to stall while driving?

No. A bad starter would cause the car not to start.

What would cause a 1988 Chevy Beretta to start but when you put it in gear it stops?

Torque converter lock-up solenoid is bad. Common problem with 1988 Beretta.

Where do you put starter fluid in a 1995 Chevy Lumina?

You don't. Starter fluid is a really good way to damage the motor inside because it created far more pressure than the motor is designed for. It's best to find and fix the problem rather than use the fluid. You would put starter fluid in the gas tank.

What would cause air conditioning in a 1992 Chevy Beretta to not work?

Start with the lack of freon.

What would cause a positive battery cable to burn up?

bad starter or bad connection to starter or bad ground on battery or starter

Where would you spray starter fluid on a 1998 mercury villager?

Don't ever !!!!!

What would cause 1990 V.W. cabriolett to spin starter but not start?

You need to replace the starter.

Can a starter cause a car to stop running?

The starter itself.. that would be unlikely... but a wire connected to the starter could on some vehicles.

What would cause a starter to grind?

The starter is probably not aligned with the flywheel. The clearance between the starter and the ring gear needs to be checked.

What would cause starter to stay lockd in on position?

The starter relay (solenoid) points are melted together.

Your 94 Jeep Cherokee has no power going to the coil what would cause this?

bad starter or starter solenoid.

What would cause the starter to engage without the key when you hook up the battery?

Starter selenoid no good

What would cause and object to float on fluid?

An object would float on a fluid if the density of the object was less than the density of the fluid.

What would cause engine oil leak above starter?

It might happen because of a faulty starter gasket.

What would cause your 1990 GT standard transmission Beretta to pop out of 5th gear on the highway?

you not knowing how 2 drive

What would cause an intermittent grinding noise from the starter when the car is idling and when changing gears?

if it is in fact the starter, it is probably engaging the flywheel. starter may be faulty.

What would cause fluid in the lungs?


What would cause the starter in a 92 ford escort to not disengage?

the bendix gear on the starter is stuck on the flywheel remove starter check bendix gear for wear if worn to bad replace starter

What would cause fluid like swelling on back of head?

A blow to the head would cause swelling.

After replacing the starter what would cause 1992 roadmaster to not start with new starter getting power and can feel starter trying to start with pulse?

Does the engine crank over?

What would cause your 1994 beretta to be sluggish on take off?

First thing you may want to check is for a clogged fuel filter