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check the fuse next to the pump relay, check that, then it maybe be ecm or somethin


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It is getting no fuel. Possibly bad fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, or fuel regulator defective.

the fuel filter is in the tank .it is replaced with the pump and fuel presure regulator as one unit.

I replaced the starter on my 96' Avenger. It is located right beside the oil filter. To remove the starter I had to take off the oil filter and the part connecting the oil filter to the car.

The entire fuel pressure regulator has to be replaced. i was tolld by the dealer on my 95 Dakota with a v-8 that there are 2 filters in the fuel tank. that's all i know, i haven't tackled that part yet. They have a strainer on the bottom of the pump and a combination regulator/filter on top of the pump module. I recommend getting a new pressure regulator and adding an in line filter

Check if your vehicle has a fuel filter and if it does replace it. What i would do is after i replaced a fuel pump or fuel filter i used starter fiuld on the air intake and try to turn it on.

Did you replace the fuel filter? It can also be a bad fuel pressure regulator.

You probably have a clogged fuel line or fuel filter. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say fuel filter regulator but I'm guessing you mean pressure regulator for the TBI. Tear down TBI and give it a good cleaning carefull not to scratch or gouge anything.

The fuel filter is also known as a fuel regulator in this application because the small filter is inside the regulator. The filter/regulator is on top of the fuel pump module. You will need to drop down the fuel tank to replace.

If a 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.71 is not starting correctly without starter fluid being sprayed on the air filter the starter in the car may need to be replaced.

The fuel regulator is inside the fuel filter in a lot of Saturns.

A broke fuel line can cause a 1995 Beretta to leak fuel into air filter assembly. An exhaust leak can also cause this issue.

Dodge stopped using fuel filters. the only thing that works as a filter is the filter/pressure regulator installed in the top of the fuel tank. it ususally is never replaced unless you have a fuel contamination problem.

your fule pump module and fuel filter need to be replaced. If the car doesn't turn over then its probably your starter or solonoid.

Did you replace the fuel filter? If not do so. There may be air in the lines. Use starter fluid to get it started.

You do not clean any fuel filter you just replace it. If it has a filter in the tank it is a permanent filter that is only replaced when the pump is replaced.

The gas is probably not leaking into the filter but the engine. It's caused by a broken diaphragm on the fuel pressure regulator. Replace regulator

The regulator is part of the pump module in the tank.

I have a 99 Saturn SL2. Believe it or not, the FUEL FILTER (YES, THE FUEL FILTER) HAS the pressure regulator built inside the filter. That's why the filter costs FORTY DOLLARS at Checker Auto. (Auto Zone wanted $67) I'm getting it replaced tomorrow...Feb 19,2008. The filter on my car is located in the rear underside of the vehicle in front of the gas tank.....left (driver's) side....rear of the car. > > This is true for 98 and later, but prior to 98 the fuel pressure regulator is on the fuel rail, the hiding behind the bracket for the throttle body cabling.

The fuel filter is a permanent filter located inside the fuel tank. It is only replaced when the pump is replaced.

It could be the fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator, or the relay switch.

The Honeywell filter should be replaced every 8- 12 months or as needed.

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