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What would cause a 99 Voyager SE 3.3L to consume a lot of water without a noticeable leak?



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Hello, I also have a 1999 Chrysler Voyager that I started to know something was waaaaaay off in reference to the temp gauge starting to go all the way up to the "H" one day. I checked the coolant level, and surely it needed coolant. I filled it up, and was checking it everyday if there could possibly be a leak. I couldn't and never found any leaks or telltale signs of one. What I did is take the van to a radiator shop, and had them preasure test the radiator. To my surprise, there was a hairline crack on one of the tanks to the radiator. Well, long story short, it turned out that both plastic tanks were cracked. Being plastic tanks, they are not repairable, so you might want to start there. That is very common on the plastic radiators so I was told from the radiator shop. I also removed the thermostat, because I suspected that at times it wasn't opening to allow flow of water, because while the engine was apparently at normal operating temperature, no heat would come when I would turn the heater on. GP P.S. To my luck, I now have to replace the water pump. It's leaking.