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start the car remove the posative battery cable the car should stay running if not your alternator is bad if it keeps runing with no help from the gas pedal have your battery checked

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โˆ™ 2006-08-26 13:27:39
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Q: What would cause a battery light to come on intermently other the alternator its like if you speed up it will go off but then turn car off its back on could it be the maxifuse its a 99 ford contour?
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Why is the Battery light stuck on in my 1996 ford contour battery seems to be fine along with the alternator...?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alternator and battery.

Why wont my 99 Ford Contour start if battery and alternator test fine but battery light comes on and EVERY light in the car slowly dies down followed by car turning off?

If alternator and battery test fine- then you may have a bad fusable link not allowing the alternator to charge the battery

How do you start a Ford Contour which stopped starting even though the alternator and battery are fine?

Get a new

Where is your alternator on a 1997 Ford Contour?

Front of engine. It's belt driven and has a lead to the battery so that should help you.

Can you show me pictures how i replace the alternator ford contour 1998?

Are there any steps on how to change the alternator on a 1198 ford contour?

Why won't a 1998 ford contour start after the battery is replaced and alternator checks out good?

u might need a new starter

You just changed the alternator on a ford 95 contour and your car still wont start what could be the problem?

You may have a weak or dead battery.

Is 1999 Ford Contour alternator interchangeable with 1998 Ford Contour?

Yes, it shouldn't be a problem.

I have a 99 ford contour sport edition. My battery is new and my lights go dim then all my warning lights and my speedometer and thermostat stop working..Is this my alternator?

sounds like it is your alternator if the battery is new are you running any other electrical off your car?? subwoofers? tvs? take your car in and ask them to load test your alternator

What does it meant when the battery light comes on in a 1995 Ford Contour GL and everything goes dead after driving it for about 10 minutes?

the battery is dead and needs to be charged or replaced, or it could also be the alternator is going bad

Where is the voltage regulator on a 96 Ford Contour?

It is built into the Alternator

How do you remove alternator 2000 Ford Contour?

Probably easiest to pull the driveaxel and take the alternator out that way

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