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What would cause a light bulb to explode in an electric light fan fixture when turning on at the wall switch?


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2005-02-05 23:08:59
2005-02-05 23:08:59

By explode, you mean the glass itself literally blew outward? You'd have to have had one heck of a lot more power than the bulb was designed to handle. I can't see that as a likelihood. Make sure the power is off, replace the bulb with one of the correct size and type for the fixture, and stay well clear when you turn the power on. If the second one blows call an attorney and an electrician, 'cause something seriously wrong happened! If you mean it made a popping noise and you had a brief flash of light (like the old flashbulbs), you just blew a bulb. Replace it. Just make sure the switch is off when you screw the new one in and everything should be cool. Fans tend to lose bulbs pretty often, due to the motion I suppose. They make heavy-duty bulbs, if you are so inclined. I've had good luck with the compact flourescent ones, too. Of course those are no good with a dimmer. Let me know how it turns out!


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Turning the switch off opens the circuitand stops the flow of electric charges

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No, a switch is used to control the circuit voltage that is applied to the fixture for turning the fixture on and off. The starter in the fluorescent fixture is used to start the current flowing through the filaments in the fixture's tubes. After a specific time, the starter heats up the circuit is opened and the current then flows through the fluorescent tubes.

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It just holds the bulb, does not have a switch in the fixture.

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The light is wired the same as any voltage fixture. Bring the source voltage to the fixture and connect it to the two fixture wires. If you want to control the off-on of the fixture take the source voltage to a switch first and then out of the switch to the light fixture.

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If the question is, can I wire a switch to an existing light fixture (and I must assume that it's something like a pull-chain light fixture), the answer is yes.If the question is, "how do I wire a switch to an existing light fixture that has no external switch", the answer is, "in series".The attached web site gives simple instructions on how to wire a basic light switch to an existing light.See sources and related links below

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