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most likely a broken shock absorber

or a shock absorber leveling spring

it is most likely the CV joints and there is no such thing as a shock leveling spring.

Aren't CV joints sort of notorious for making a sound on the side opposite of the direction you're turning? I would have joints and boots checked.

answer sounds like shock absorber problem

It may also be an intermediate shaft that needs lube. Common on Some GM vehicles.

sway bar endlinks could be loose or damaged. especially if this is happening at low speeds (driveway) and only when you turn in one direction

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Q: What would cause a loud knocking sound under the front left side of your car when making a right turn especially when coming out of a driveway?
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There could be loosened internal mounts (connecting rods, pistons, pins, crankshafts or other related parts) in the compressor causing the banging or knocking noise. A simple call to a technician should resolve the issue.

Loud knocking banging noise on 350 Chevrolet that comes and goes still drives when making noise but everytime accelerate it starts banging. noise is coming from the motor really hard banging.?

With out hearing it, It is hard to say whats wrong. But the most common noise like that would probley be a ROD knocking. Time for engine overhaul.

2002 trailblazer when you accelerate it makes bad knocking sound?

IT is your CV Joints which is making this noise.

What causes a knocking sound when you are making a turn at low speed?

Could be a worn CV joint

Your car is turned off and it is making a knocking sound What is the problem?

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What causes the rear tire to make a knocking sound when stopping?

Your rear tire could be making a knocking sound for a number of reasons. You could have a damaged strut or axle that needs replacing.?æ

If car is making a knocking noise?

possibly distributor. tow to mechanic . if you drive , you could damage your engine.

A 2000 geo metro is making a knocking sound in motor like a rod but it is't?

Valve train

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Your Chevy Malibu make a knocking noise coming from the engine in cold temp how can you get this fix?

I have a 1997 Chevy Malibu with 176k on it. Never had a new engine or anything, runs like a champ. It has been making a knocking noise when its cold.(until car is warm) for a long time now. It still makes a little one while at idle, not loud or can even really be heard though.

The engine is making a knocking noise what could it be?

Depends on the sound of the knock. Could be main bearings or rod bearings.

How come my 94 ford mustang has a knocking tapping sound coming from the intake manifold what in the heck could it be?

generally it isn't really coming from the intake rather it is echoing from the engine through components into the intake. the intake is hollow so it echoes most sounds making it seem noises come from the intake when most of the time it's not the part making noise. check your oil level. if you have OHC's that could be a next place to check