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If you were told to put cling film on it afterwards, which you should have, it could be a little heat rash from the sweat, the idea being to keep the tattoo wet so a scab cant form, but it often causes a little heat rash, but it dissapears after a few days

I rash could indicate that you are allergic to something, most likely the product that you are using for aftercare. Alot of people are allergic to neosporin, and anything containing neosporin, so look at the ingredients of the product. it's really best to contact your doctor and have it taken care of properly. It the rash occurs soon after the tattooing, it could be you were allergic to the latex gloves the tattoo artist was wearing. That happened to me, it went away in a few hours though.

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Q: What would cause a rash on a tattoo?
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