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What would cause a serious decrease in power on a 1989 Chevy Suburban 350 half ton 700r4 with 194 thousand miles?


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2004-11-02 06:12:54
2004-11-02 06:12:54

I would start @ the Fuel Filter Then the sock in the tank-IF the fuel pressure is OK then look @ the COIL etc.IF the Timing chain jumped a tooth-Serious power loss.IF all 8 Cylinder have Good Compression OR EQUAL Compression-IT is a spark or Fuel Problem. IF it has a Distributor EVEN a bad rotor will cause a serious power loss.


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If it's a 1/2 ton then it will be a 700R4. 3/4 ton will have a 4L60E.

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My 93 has a 4l60e. A 95 should have the same. It look like a 700r4 but it computer controlled.

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First of all is that the 94 suburban has a 4L60E transmission in it. Therefore it will no work in the 87 model.

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You burban should have a 4l60e in it. All this is is a 700r4 with electronics added. If the bell housing is the same it will fit but it won't work due to the electronics.

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