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What would cause a signal light to work sometimes?


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I have a 2000 olds alero and the signal light only work sometimes, What would cause that?


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If the signal light fuse is blown all the signal lights front and rear would not work. If you have one signal light out I would first suspect a bad bulb or bad connection.

The tail light bulb is probably okay, it's the front signal light that is burned out, this would cause the rear light to blink rapid.

Try replacing the turn signal flasher sometimes a near defective one with cycle

A short in either the multifunction turn signal switch or a short in the wiring harness going to the switch.

Okay, first turn the signal on. The look to see if the lights are blenking If the outside lights work then the little light in the dash is out. If the lights outside don't work you either wire problems or you need to replace the light socket. Don't forget to check the signal flasher relay.

In order to fix a Mitsubishi mirage signal light that doesn't turn off, you would need to understand the wiring system. This is a problem with the wiring and the circuit that connects the power from the battery to the signal light.

The check engine light is a signal from the computer that there is a potential problem that must be addressed. When the light comes on it is a signal that the computer has stored a problem code that you can read using a code scanner. You can borrow, rent or buy one at most auto parts retailers.

It would cause light to refract differently because the angle at which the light hits the glass block would alter and there for the way the light refracts would also alter.

I would look at the REAR signal light on the same side of the car. It is probably not blinking at all and the bulb needs to be replaced.

either a bulb or the signal flasher relay located on the fuse panel usually opposite the hazard flasher relay

Probably the turn signal/hazard flasher went bad. On some vehicles they are separate units, but on some vehicles they are the same unit.

You can point a mirror towards the sunlight, which would cause the light to reflect off the mirror, and if the mirror is tilted to a position towards your friends house, then the light will bounce off into his/her house.

Sometimes the gas cap is not close tight or when change grade of gas but it will go off.

Yes, the p0741 code and many other codes can sometimes be fixed when you flush the transmission.

Use test light to be sure wiring is OK sometimes those thin wires break

The turn signal wiring goes up the steering column. Turn signal bulbs are also used as brake lights and the brake light signal goes through the turn signal switch. If there is a loose connection or worn wire in the steering column, the tilt would cause problems.

well sometimes it can be because of the computer doesnt recieve signal

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