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i don't know if this helps but i just had my car repaired tonight and when i picked it up this was a new problem that wasn't there before. i took it back and they said the thumping was caused by a rotor??? that they forgot to tighten? i am not sure i have the name right!

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โˆ™ 2009-01-15 01:21:35
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Q: What would cause a thumping noise from the rear of a Jeep Cherokee when setting off after using the brakes quite hard?
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What would cause a thumping noise when increasing the pressure on the brakes but not pumping them?

Take it to the garage and have them check for a cracked rotor or a loose caliper.

When hitting the brakes 1985 SR5 PU emits a thumping sound like its coming from the right front tire what do you think is the cause?

A damaged/rusted/warped brake rotor on the right front.

What can cause a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee to produce a squeaking or grinding noise from the passenger front wheel well when moving?

Brakes CV joints or bearings.

What would cause the brakes to go out on a 91 jeep Cherokee with abs there are no leaks in the lines.?

Failed Master Cylinder would be my guess. Replace the Master Cylinder.

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What would cause the brake tail light fuse to blow each time you apply the brakes on a 1993 grand Cherokee jeep?

There is a dead short to ground in the circuit.

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What could cause a thumping noise in a ford focus on acceleration?

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What could cause a thumping sound from rear end of my front wheel drive Pontiac Sunfire when brakes are applied no squeal replaced brake pads 30000 miles ago very loud dull thump thump thump?

It may be your CV joints

What is the cause of a thump then grinding when braking after installing all new pads and rotors on a 2004 Jeep Liberty?

I have a 2003, I got my brakes re done like 2 weeks ago, and then it started grinding loudly and thumping, turns out I have to get a new drive shaft.

Thumping noise coming from left rear wheel on 97 Taurus sounds like wheel is rubbing against something why?

Have that tire checked sometimes the belts inside can break and cause a thumping noise

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