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i have the same problem, except i have no headlights either. I have been told that it could be a fuseable link under the hood that burnt the wire, or it could be the headlight switch on the dash. one other possibility is that a wire running to the starter could be disconnected or broken. ive checked all my fuses and the power to those fuses, and everything is getting powered. So i might have to track down all the wires and see if i have a broken wire somewhere or a diconnected ground wire running after the fuse box. try checking those things and see if it helps. if you have any luck let me know what your problem turned out to be.

Check the dimmer switch.I had the same problem.The dimmer swtch was bad.

I have been working this problem for a couple days now and finally fixed it. The red wire going to the tail lamps, instrument panel fuse (very bottom fuse) had burnt and became detached from the fuse panel, most likely from corrosion. I replaced a small piece of the wire and reattached it and all is once again good.

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Q: What would cause a total electrical failure except the headlights on a 1986 Ford E350 460?
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