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You can go to a vitamin store and buy "Candex" it will get rid of thrush mouth, also called candida. Your body naturally has Candida or yeast as it's often referd to, but some times it becomes over grown from our diets, such as eating too much sugar. Candex will get rid of it with out going to the doctor. Also, Acidophilus, also found at a Vitamin store, with help restore good bacteria. Acidophilus is also found in yogurt. Before you try any of these remedies you need to see a physician and get a definitive diagnosis.

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Q: What would cause a white thickened line that hurts in the middle of your tongue?
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What should you do if your tongue hurts?

when your tongue hurts you just relax and massage it a little bit.

What does it mean when your tongue hurts and you get bumps on it?

That means your tongue is hurting.

What piercing hurts more your eyebrow or your tongue?

Tongue, by far.

What hurts more getting your ears peirced or your tongue peirced?

Your tongue.

Biting your tongue?

owch, that hurts alot

What happen if tongue cut partially?

it hurts

What happens when your tongue freezes to metal?

It hurts.

Why does it hurt when you bite your tongue?

well i think it hurts because the tongue is attached to your brain

What to do if your tongue hurts?

Leave it alone for a couple days

What cause a White bump on tip of tongue?

The cause of the white bump on the tip of your tongue is, if your talking really fast you may accidentally bite your tongue and you may not notice it (I've done it plenty of times) and it's very annoying. Or if your eating and you bite your tongue, you may not be able to see it up close but it hurts! I call those lie bumps, Maybeh you should quit lying. Lol

Swelling from tongue ring uncomfortable?

its not so much the swelling that hurts, its the fact you have a bar shoved through your tongue, and it hurts for like a week. the next day is horrible you can move your tongue at all and you talk with a lisp for a week or two

Strained tongue muscles?

yeah. i did it by moving my tongue to far right for a long time. it hurts when i move it.

What hurts the most nose or tongue piercing?

My nose hurt worse then my tongue. However, the first week of having your tongue pierced sucks!

Is kiwi skin okay to eat?

It hurts your tongue a lot for a long time.It hurts that happened to me.I hate it.

Sore throat hurts to swallow bumps on tongue?

Strep throat.

What could be the cause of a sharp pain in the middle of the chest when inhaling?

is the air cold? When I jog in cold weather, inhaling hurts my lungs.

Why do you bite your tongue?

When your eating all you do is chew then the food is all gone from your mouth and then you might accidentally bite your tongue and it really hurts

What hurts more getting an industrial piercing or tongue piercing?

Industrial for sure. Tongue piercings dont hurt that much at all.

What happens when the side of your head hurts when they pierced your tongue?

Talk to your doctor asap.

Which piercing hurts worse navel or tongue?

Navel. I have had both done. Navel hurts and takes forever to heal. The tongue is so quick you do t even feel it. And it takes no more than two weeks to heal.

What hurts more a bell piercing or a tongue piercing?

Belly button piercing hurts more. I have them both & that's the one that hurt the most for me.

What are some common symptoms of tongue cancer?

One symptom is a red or white patch on the tongue. It can be positioned anywhere on the tongue. Another symptom is that it hurts while chewing or swallowing.

Which piercing hurts more your tongue or your nose?

Your tongue. The tongue is a muscle, whereas the nose is built from cartilage. Also, a clamp is used in piercing the tongue, and the piercing bar is much wider. These are both very uncomfortable.

What could cause the back of your tongue to hurt?

If you had an allergy to something you could have swelling in the back of your throat, which makes it really hard to swallow. It really hurts and it could kill you from restricted breathing.

Why do you scream when in pain?

cause it hurts