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using the wrong code off by 1 # wrong M code

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โˆ™ 2006-03-22 21:46:59
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Q: What would cause an Action Replay for GBA to not activate cheat codes for Pokemon?
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How do you action replay for Pokemon pearl?

if you have eBay you can search action replay on it or on Google cause that's what i did

What is a GOOD modifier action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

Try looking online cause I dont use action replay cause it jacks up the game.

What is the cheats for Pokemon diamond DS?

the last answer said action replay,but ... i hate that cause i no have it

A kind of stone which makes any Pokemon evolve even if its not in evolving stage?

a stone for any Pokemon doesnt exist but i don't know if you can get it via action replay cause i don't have any action replay

My azelf fainted on Pokemon pearl and i don't have action replay what do i do?

nothing cause it's gone

How do you make Pokemon level 100 in firered?

u have to have an action replay or u have to have a gameshark p.s. buy an action replay cause they will last alot longer. or you can not cheat and just level them up to it

Where to find genesect in Pokemon black?

By an event action replay or r4 but don't use a r4 cause they are elligal

How do you do Pokemon diamond cheats on a ds?

you must buy an action replay but be careful cause your game can glitch and your game and action replay will not work so use up to 5 cheats every day

Why wont it let you trade rare Pokemon on gts?

i think its cause you don't have it on your pokedex so you cant trade or it could also be because you used action replay and hacked it that is was i did was used action replay goot Pokemon then it said that Pokemon can NOT be offered. sources: myself,friends,familly and Google

Is there an action replay code for getting spirit omb in Pokemon platinum?

no cause there is not a Pokemon called spirit omb stupid its called spirit bomb sinserly the Pokemon master

Which stores could I buy a Pokemon platinum action replay?

if you have a walmart near by theres one called action replay ds and another called action replay dsi either works but for a dsi i suggest using the one for dsi cause the ds one wont work for dsi

What do you do with an action replay code in Pokemon diamond?

OH shut it you have to plug the USB cable into ur ds and then do the action replay code if u do it without plugging the USB cable then it will cause a serious virus in your ds system

Why can't you breed Pokemon you got with action replay?

cause u cheated to get it and why would you want to breed when you can make another one

On my action replay it wouln't let me enter codes for mystery dungeon explorers of darkness.why?

cause your action replay sucks

What is the code to get the azure flute without an action replay for Pokemon heart gold?

there is none. you need to cheat to get the azure flute cause its not programmed in the game. and you can't cheat without one of those cheating websites or an action replay so if you really want to get that flute then get an action replay but i advise you not to. they ruin your game.

How do you activate Pokemon Pearl cheat codes?

action replay create new cheat button for Pokemon pearl. i have one other thing.....I have a cheat code creator exclusivly for Pokemon diamond and pearl. e-mail me> heres my e-mail address: e-mail me and send what kind of cheat you would like(you must be very specific,cause this thing will do almost everything!) and i will generate it and e-mail it back to you! they are usually very long but if you have action replay code manager it will make everything a lot more easy> The codes have a 100% chance of working only if you put it in right. so email me anytime you need a action replay codes for Pokemon pearl!

What is the real Pokemon platinium action replay code for Sinnoh dex commplete?

only certain action replays work the new one that you have to get on code junkies works cause it has a different chip in the game then all other Pokemon games

How can you make Pokemon diamond action replay codes?

your computer needs to be windows download pokesav at connect the ar to the computer and you can create ar cheats, pokemon, and cause ANTHING to happen!!!!!!!

How do you put cheats on Pokemon HeartGold?

you get action replay and then put in codes from there. but be careful cause i used it and it took half of my dudes face off :( be sure who you are gettin it from

Where do you you find all the TM's in Pokemon black?

Maybe you can use a action replay . Hey good luck cause in target they only cost 20 dollars

Why isn't my action replay code working?

cause cheaters suck

Is there any Action Replay code for Bejeweled Twist DS?

There are Action Replay codes for Bejeweled Twist DS, but they cause the game to freeze on start up.

What is the cheat for 99 masterballs in Pokemon pearl?

well you need the action replay game cartridge cause with that you can clone your Pokemon in a sec just give the Pokemon your cloning the masterball to hold and clone him the clone and the original will be holding the masterball

How do you cause event to get a membership pass in canalave city for Pokemon platinum?

You Either Need To Find An Event, Get The Wonder Card From a Friend Or Use An Action Replay Code.

Graphical element that you activate to cause a specifi c action to take place?