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Yes I purchased a 1991 Ford exploder and it did the same heated up rapidly but did'nt chatter. I replaced the thermostat, nope did'nt fix it so I went futher no flow? It was the water pump the propeler came off the shaft, It didnt leak just over heated because no flow. Hope that helps you.. I have known Fords to get a loose distributor shaft causing the engine go out of time. This will cause it to run hot and rough.

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Why does my car keep losing water and over heating?

if it is losing it thru the overflow pipe you need a new radiator cap

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Why is Truck losing power while driving?

Not really enough information, but my 98 Chevy 350 lost power (actually started missing) after heating up. This was caused by the stator in the distributor.

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Losing a small quantity over a considerable time is not unusual,but if you are using alot like over a week say,then something definitely wrong.Check for small leaks around all hoses and if engine heats up too quickly or if there are signs of over-heating.

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