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Bad plugs, wire , or coil pack.

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Q: What would cause hesitation in a 1997 ford expedition xlt and read cylinder three misfire?
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What would cause hesitation in a 1999 ford expedition and read 3 cylinder misfire?

Most likely a bad ignition oil. Each cylinder has its own coil mounted at the top of the spark plug

What would cause hesitation in a 199 ford expedition and read 3 cylinder misfire?

I had the same problem on mines 98 Ford Expedition 4.6L . It ended been a simple tune up of plugs and wires. If it is a 5.4L it maybe a bad coil pack. I would switch the bad coil with a good one and go from there.

What might cause hesitation problems on a 2001 Mercury Cougar but only when traveling at 32 to 35 mph?

a cylinder misfire might be happening. check your plugs and wires for bad connection

What would cause misfire in first 1000 revs in 2003 ford expedition?

There are several things that can cause your 2003 or Expedition to misfire. The most common cause is a plugged catalytic converter.

What cause Ford expedition cylinder misfire?

Plugs or / and Coil Packs. Auto Zone will check your codes for free and will tell you which plugs or coils are bad. Then replace.

What would cause a misfire in a cylinder of a 2001 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 5.4L engine?

Most likely a bad coil (each cylinder has one) located at the top of each spark plug

Can sludge in engine cause misfire to same cylinder?

if sludge is keeping oil from draining away from valve guide a cylinder can suck in oil and cause plug to misfire

Can a head gasket cause a cylinder misfire?

Yes, it sure can.

Can a broken head gasket cause a cylinder to misfire?


What causes a cylinder two to misfire?

the gun powder ispacked to tightly and the preassure builds up and can cause it to misfire

Can coil pack cause cylinder number one to misfire?

what are the possible causes of misfire on number one cylinder in a dodge 2003 ram 4.7 liter engine

How do you fix code P0305?

Find and repair the cause of a misfire on cylinder #5.see related question below.Find and repair the cause of a misfire on cylinder #5.see related question below.

Can a flashing engine light indicate a bad fuel filter?

Anything that could cause a cylinder misfire can cause the check engine light to flash. A restricted fuel filter is one.Anything that could cause a cylinder misfire can cause the check engine light to flash. A restricted fuel filter is one.

Would clogged fuel injector cause cylinder 2 misfire?

It could.

How to fix multiple cylinder misfire in a 1997 dodge stratus?

A cylinder misfire can be cause by a bad spark plug or a bad fuel injector. Replace the spark plug to see if the problem is corrected.

Does misfiring on cylinder 6 and 8 cause white smoke to come from the tailpipe?

It could, depending on the cause of the misfire.

What can cause a multiple cylinder misfire diagnostic code on a 1998 Toyota Avalon the spark plugs and cables were just changed?

Theres three coil packs; one fires two cylinders. I suppose if one is bad then it could cause the two corresponding to misfire. I had one cylinder misfire, it turned out to be the fuel injector.

How do you solve a PO302 code on a Jeep Liberty?

p0302 is cylinder 2 misfire, you need to fix the cause of the misfire. Possible causes are plugs, coils, injectors......

Can low compression cause an check engine light to come on?

If it is causing the cylinder to misfire, yes.

Code PO308 Cylinder 8 Misfire?

This isn't a question. Find the cause of the miss and repair it.

What could cause a cylinder misfire in a 97 buick lesabre?

I have a 95, had a misfire... mine was because of the plug wires... changed the wires and plugs mis fire stopped...

What causes an misfire in Chevy 350 engine?

While an incorrect fuel/air ratio can cause a misfire, it's not likely to cause only one cylinder to misfire unless you have tuned port injection. The more likely cause is the ignition system... Distributor cap, rotor, plug wires, or spark plugs.

How do you fix a random cylinder misfire detected?

You locate the cause of the random misfire and take corrective actions against that; be it a coil, plug, wire, coil boot or crank sensor. A random misfire is as it states - a misfire that happens randomly in possibly a random cylinder as well. They can be hard to diagnose, as well and it is recommended that you take vehicle to a qualified, ASE certified shop for diagnostics.

Can bad mass air flow sensor cause engine misfire?

it will feel like a misfire but should not cause a single cylinder misfire code. a bad maf ( mass air flow ) would and can set random multiple misfire codes, lean bank 1 and 2 just like a clogged fuel filter or restricted exhaust ( cat )

What would cause bad vibration in engine of ford windstar?

If you have a "check engine" light on, start with having the codes read. A misfire code can tell you which cylinder or cylinders are having problems. A misfire could be the cause of your engine vibration.