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It is fairly common for one breast to be larger than the other. Breasts can be come sore around the time you are going to start menstruating. I would do a breast exam to make sure there is no lumps in the larger breast just to be safe.

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Q: What would cause one of your breasts to be slightly larger than the other and at times they are both sore?
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Are breasts lopsided?

All breasts are slightly different sizes and can be somewhat lopsided. What I mean by that is, one is bigger than the other, but no worrys, it's not that much bigger than the other, nobody will notice but you.

Can hormones cause one breast to be slightly bigger than the other?

All humans have one side of the body that is bigger then the other. This can also show on breasts and all women usually have one bigger then the other or one that starts lower down the the other.

Can a woman have one breast larger than the other?

Yes, all women have once breast larger than the other and many have a considerable difference.Human beings are not perfectly symmetrical and breast development doesn't occur in both breasts at the same time. Teens may notice one breast will grow a lot more before the other or that they breasts will almost take turns to grow. There are various factors that can effect if breasts are different sizes, another common cause aside from development is lopsided breast feeding.

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What is the normal weight of breast?

There is no 'normal' weight. Breast come in many different sizes. Often one breast may be slightly larger than the other breast. Also, as a woman ages, so the fat layer in the breasts will slowly reduce.

Why do your breast look larger on some days and normal on other days?

your breasts tend to get larger when you are about to have, having or just had your period this is because the hormones in your body are preparing for pregnancy

My ribs are sore directly under my breasts. I've done nothing that could have broken or bruised them. If larger breasts can cause back pain can they cause rib pain?

I was wondering that question too. I have large breasts and have had lower back pain and rib pain. I have read on other websites that it can cause rib pain, due to posture and weak muscles from the weight of the breasts. A lot of the time they'll put you on NSAIDS which are anti-inflammatory drugs. I've heard the back pain and rib pain are mostly chronic so breast reduction surgery is really the only treatment.

What does it mean when one of your nipples are hard and the other is not?

It just means that your breats are growing and its okay if one of them is a bit larger than the other its normal. Once you finish puberty your breasts will be fully grown and both of your breasts will be the same size.

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Why are your breasts not as large as the other women in your family?

If you are young, they might not be fully developed yet. They could still grow. If others in your family are heavier or overweight, their breasts would be larger, especially if you are thin or weight less than they do. (Breasts are mostly fat.) It could just be that the genetics weren't enough to gaurentee that you also grew a larger sized chest.

You want larger breasts without surgery?

Getting pregnant does the job rather well. other then that no one has found a way "That works" yet

Can you be pregnant if your last period was 4 days early and short and now you are 3 days late with slightly sore breasts and no other symptoms?

Take a test

Is it normal for one testical to be larger than the other?

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Are your breast growing if your nipples are sore?

Not necessarily. While I'm not a physician, I don't think that it's normal for the nipples to be sore because the breasts are growing, and there are plenty of other things that could cause them to be sore. It could be an indirect result: larger breasts might "bounce" more, causing the nipples to rub on the inside of your clothing, which could in turn make them sore.

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Would you please help me about this problem. Iam 29yrs old. Iam breast feeding. I feel that my right side breast is slightly bigger than the other is it normal?

Please note you feel one breast is larger, there may not be much diferrence actually. Breasts are not exact in size.

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Is there any spray that makes the breasts tight?

No. Even though you may see some advertised. Breasts are made of fat and there is muscle underneath. You can make the muscle tighter by doing exercises, such as push ups. The breasts themselves are fat and they can get smaller if you lose weight or larger if you gain weight. The skin on the breasts is thinner and more elastic than the skin on other parts of your body. No spray exists to make breasts "tight."

Side effects of Breast Actives pills and cream?

I don't know.....breast cream, How do you know it doesn't cause other parts of you to grow other than your breasts?????