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What you have is an bartholin cyst. It is an infected or inflamed bartholin gland that is located on your labia. They are painful and very sore to touch. You can take a mirror and do an examine yourself to see. It will look like a pimple and vary in size. Some have to be surgically removed. Use a warm compress and take some meds for pain.It may drain on its own, but if it gets bigger, go either to a med check or your personal doctor to get some antibiotics. They form when irritated, watch wearing tight jeans or clothing that is doing the rubbing.

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Q: What would cause pain and swelling in one lip of the outer labia?
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Are some women missing one of their labia?

The only time women would be missing one of their labia is if they have had it surgically removed. All cis-women have two inner labia and two outer labia.

How do you know if your labia has been torn?

A torn labia would cause severe pain and bleeding.

What would cause fluid like swelling on back of head?

A blow to the head would cause swelling.

What would cause a swollen labia majora?

what is the cause a swollen right labia majora after sex?I think you mean "labia", which is plural. A lot of reasons. After vigorous sexual activity, this can happen. Otherwise it's probably an irritation or infection. Get it checked out. Most likely it's not a big deal, but there are a few cases where the sooner you get it looked at the better.

What are the symtems for absent of labia majora and minora?

I would assume a symptom would be not having a labia majora or minora.

Where do women get yeast infections?

They would get it in their urethra, vagina, labia minora, and labia majora.

What are the causes for a long labia?

The size, color and texture of labia vary from woman to woman. There is no 'normal' standard because of genetics. It would be like asking what is the cause for a long nose. However, friction from various activities, both sexual and non sexual can effect the size, color and texture of both the labia majora and labia minora. This is why some women have very small pale labia and others have very large, protruding, heavily textured/wrinkled labia.

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Allergies and infections are two entirely different things. An allergy would cause redness, irritation, itching and swelling. An infection is caused by bacteria and would cause swelling, redness, heat and pus.

What would be a cause of black discharge and swelling in a child's eye?

Not sure but would seek medical attention Immediately!!

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There are many conditions that would cause cervical swelling, but one that immediately comes to mind is goiter, or swelling of the thyroid gland.

Can A bladder Infection cause swelling in legz?

It usually would not do this unless it affects kidney function.

What would cause swelling of legs incontinence and high blood pressure?

I would be worried about cardiovascular disease or kidney failure.

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Arthritis is medically speaking, inflammation (swelling) of the joints.many forms of arthritis can cause inflammation and swelling at some time and many have their origin in inflammation. You would be more accurate in saying that arthritis is often accompanied by swelling or inflammation , however this is not always the case. It depends on the form of arthritis and at other times the stage it is at.

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You need to find the cause of your swelling. There are some serious issues that are relating to this, and you would need to mention other symptoms for accurate diagnosis. Swelling in the ankles and feet is often the result of chronic heart problems.

Can you use a toothbrush to rub your labia and vagina?

NO. The vaginal area has the most sensitive tissue (skin) on the female body. Rubbing a toothbrush there would certainly hurt and, if continued, would cause pain and bleeding.

What would cause involuntary movement of index finger and wrist pain and swelling?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, injury to wrist

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This can lead to acute glomerulonephritis in some patients.

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No. It reduces swelling so I wouldn't think it would effect weight.

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Heat causes vasodilation, which means the blood vessels in your feet get larger in diameter, thus causing swelling. On the other hand, cold causes vasoconstricion, narrowing of the blood vessels, and would cause the swelling to diminish.

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The glands in your neck can be swollen for a number of reasons. The common cold, flu virus or strep throat can all cause swelling of the glands.

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