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If it is WATER - The AC drain plug may be fouled and needs clearing (small rubber elbow on the firewall), or you have a windshield leak when it rains. Usually the AC will leak on the passenger side. Door seal leaks will also cause this. Climb inside the car at home and have a friend run a water hose around all the seals. See if you can locate the leak.

If it is COOLANT - you have a leaking heater core or feed tube hose.

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Where is the fuse box on a 1994 ford econoline van?

There are some under the drivers side dash board (above the pedals) and or under the hood on the drivers side

Where is Fuse box on 1984 gmc pickup truck?

drivers side under the the left of the pedals

Where are the fuseboxes for 1990 Lexus ls400?

there is a box under the driver side of the hood, and also a box above the pedals inside on the drivers side

Where is the diagnostic port on a 2007 Hyundai Tucson?

Diagnostic port is located on the drivers side under the dash just above the pedals. Kev!!

Reset low tire pressure 97 grand prix gtp?

hold the reset button under the dash on the drivers side kind of by the pedals look up

Where is the fusebox in a 1999 infinity Q45?

There is one located under the hood near passenger side and the other is located inside near drivers side near pedals.

Why are a bikes pedals not in the front of a bike?

Hey, that's a good thought! In fact, there are bicycles that lie low to the ground that do have the pedals in front of the rider. Of course, they get pretty wet when it's raining . . . On a normal stand-up bicycle, the pedals are under the rider so that she can use her body weight to help push the pedals. Some people will push the pedals while standing up, thus gaining a lot more power just through using their body weight.

Where is the odb2 located on a 96 vw golf?

All OBD II connections are located under the dash on the drivers side. You may have to have to lay on the floor with your head by the foot pedals and look up to see it.

Where is the fuse box for a 1986 Buick LeSaber?

under dashboard look under dash by pedals

Where is the brake fluid cylinder on a 47 Plymouth?

under the floor directly under and behind pedals

Where is the raditor drain plug on a 97 olds 88?

If you are standing in front of the car. It is underneath of the drivers side.So you have to replace drain plug from under car.

Where is the relay switch for the turn signals on a 1994 Dodge Intrepid?

it is in a small black box under the hood to the left if standing in front or drivers side. ...

Where to check engine codes on 2000 s10?

Goto autozone or advanced auto. The plug is under the drivers side dash right above the pedals. They will even give you a print out at advanced auto parts store.

Where is the flasher in the 94 Ford Taurus?

on top of the steering Column, a lil black button with a red triangle on it... the relay for it is in the fuse panel by the gas and brake pedals, under the drivers side dash Gho$t

How do you find door security code on 2003 expedition?

under the pedals

Where is fuel filter 2002ford ranger?

under the drivers door under the drivers door

Where is fuse box on John Deere 4430 diesel cab tractor?

The fuse box on a John Deere 4430 diesel tractor can be found beneath the drivers seat. The drivers seat should tilt forward revealing the fuse box.

What is the Montana law on 49cc moped scooters?

as long as it is under 50cc, and can go no faster than 30mph, and has pedals so it can be human powered it is considered a bicycle and does not need to be licensed and you do not need a drivers license or a motor cycle endorsement.

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1989 dynasty?

it is located under the hood near the intake filter. if your standing on the same side as the drivers side door its on your right.

What cause a 1997 mountaineer to bang under the drivers side seat while pushing gas in?

Loose exhaust system.

Where is the fuse box on a Mazda eunos?

the fuse box is under the dash on the drivers side go down to the pedals and look up and on the right u will see it there, this site should help its the second diagram

Where is the fuse for the lighter in a E150 ford van?

depending on the year of the van under the hood-look for the electrical fuses-youll find it there on older van-under the drivers side around the pedals there are fuses there-may need a fuse diagram which you can get at any auto supply store or get a copy of the diagram from your dealer

Why won't your headlights come on?

check fuses under dash drivers side and under hood drivers side

Where is the fuse box on a 1999 mercury cougar?

under the dash on the drivers side AND UNDER THE HOOD ON THE DRIVERS SIDE...

How are sunspots produced?

It produces by you standing under the sun for to long because I got sunspots and I got it by standing under the sun

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