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That is happening on my cherokee. I believe it is the wiring, so i am trying to disconnect the proper fuse if I can find my owners manual. Until then, I unplugged the battery. ***Check the horn relay. Remove the relay from its harness plug. If the horn does not stop, the problem lies between the relay and the horn, look for wire shorting on a live source, from breakage either from mechanical source, pinched or from corrosion. If horn stops, check Using a test light, check for voltage at the plug, there should be no voltage until you push the horn button. If there is voltage at the plug either the wire feeding the plug has shorted to a live source or the horn button is faulty. IF there is no voltage at the relay plug until you push the button (this would be ideal) then chances are the relay is faulty.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-07 02:37:39
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Q: What would cause the horn to blow non-stop on a 2000 Grand Cherokee?
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