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Hi, A friend had the same ploblem with his 2001 Lincoln Continental. The lights on the keypad and interior lights would randomly turn on. The problem was a defective keypad water was shorting the switch.

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โˆ™ 2005-08-17 01:54:31
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Q: What would cause the keypad and interior lights to turn on in a 2000 Expedition without notice after they time out they will turn off and turn back on at no set time interval?
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How do you reset the keypad on a 2000 Expedition?

Onwer's manual. THIS IS A TERRIBLE ANSWER! I bought my Expedition used and it did not have a user manual. Is that the best you can do?

Where is the keypad code on 2004 Eddie Bauer expedition?

The keypad code for your vehicle is specific to your vehicle and your vehicle only. A Ford dealer can reprogram the code if you do not know it.

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What is wrong when the keypad on a 2001 Expedition doesn't work?

It just goes bad. I had to have mine replaced by dealer.

What would cause the keypad and interior lights to turn on without notice?

the keypad on the drivers door gets moisture in it and causes electrical shorts. you can replace the keypad or dry it out and put some di-electric grease inside on the circut board. take off the door panel, un-screw the keypad, disconect the wire harness and open with small flatthead screw driver. sand the metal contacts with fine sand paper, clean and apply grease -re-assemble

What is the keypad code on the 1999 Ford Expedition?

Each vehicle with keyless entry has it's own factory code

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Where is the keypad entry code on a 2000 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition?

look up by the brake pedal and its on a white box its up high use a flash light

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Why do the interior lights on a 2000 Lincoln Continental come on by themselves?

The lights come on because of a damaged keypad. Either replace the keypad assembly or disconnect it and use the transmitter for entry and trunk access. The keypads on this model are particularly proned to malfunction when tampered with by way of vandalism to discover the number combination.

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